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An Interactive Experience To Help You Learn NLP Modeling

  • Build Your Skill Stack
  • Train Your Intuition
  • Unleash Your Creativity


- Anthony Robbins, Bestselling Author, Modeler

Systematic skill-building

Leverage a step-by-step process designed to build skills rapidly.

A proven structure

Learn how to develop your competency in a way that works.

An effortless way to learn

Experience the pleasure of learning without having to think.

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The 6-Point Modeling Checklist


How Does It Work?

Whether you want to learn how to communicate more persuasively, trade the markets or speak in public, the dailyNLP Modeling Experience will help you learn the fastest way to develop that skillset.

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Building new skills is quickly becoming one of the most important areas in modern life. Changes are happening so quickly that we constantly have to reinvent ourselves. Created by Martin Messier, the Modeling Experience has helped dozens of people discover the power of NLP Modeling. And the results are incredible. Many participants have reported starting new businesses, increasing their sales, coming up with new offerings for their clients and enjoying their hobbies at a higher level.

The Modeling Experience takes on a select number of participants each year. Modelers want to master the ability to extract skills from outstanding performers so they can benefit from them. The Modeling Experience supports these Modelers with an immersive 3-month program, an effortless learning framework and practical, hands-on learning materials. Martin will help you put the framework into practice and apply it to your own project.

To become a Modeler: 1. Fill out our online application. 2. Have a short conversation with Martin. 3. Get onboarded into the program and begin Modeling.

Without experiencing a solid practical methodology, you're just reading ABOUT modeling. But you need the right mentoring in order to get results. You need a proven way to turn someone else's skillset into YOUR results. Becoming a Modeler is your path to improving and building your skill stack without frustration and stressful effort.

Apply to become a Modeler today.

Discover How Modeling Will Enhance Your Ability To Build Your Skillset.

What makes DAILYNLP so different?

When it comes to building skills, many people try to do it through the traditional academic approach: they buy courses. The dailyNLP Modeling Experience helps people leverage NLP's modeling methodology to build skills effortlessly.

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We know how hard it is to build a skill when you don't necessarily have the natural, intuitive talent for it and have helped dozens of professionals build seemingly unnatural skills. When you feel comfortable and confident building new skills, you can tackle challenges at a higher level with less stress, less worry and a lot more confidence.

The dailyNLP Modeling Experience is led by Martin Messier. Martin has been studying and practicing Neurolinguistic Programming for two decades and as such is well-versed in NLP Modeling and guiding others through a modeling project. Without an ounce of sales and marketing DNA in his family, he leveraged modeling to help him develop his own sales and marketing skills and the process resulted in him building a chain of bakery that he led to sales of more than $1 million a year during 12 straight years. Since then, he has gone on to train other people in how to leverage modeling for their own benefit.

The dailyNLP Modeling Experience is not a course. That's why it's called an "Experience." Instead of studying and consuming massive volumes of content, you will instead dive into practical application from day 1. Martin will not teach you. However, you will learn more than you ever could in a traditional course format.

During the 3-month dailyNLP Modeling Experience, you will: 1. Configure your mind to go into accelerated skill development. 2. Immerse yourself in world-class material. 3. Test how much you have absorbed. 4. Analyze your work using powerful, proven scans. 5. Scale your results to the level of your desired success.

Our minds are designed to develop skills through practice, not analysis. If you try to become good at something by studying books and listening to courses, you will become frustrated. Once you adopt an effective modeling framework, you will become an outstanding marketer effortlessly.

Apply to participate in the dailyNLP Modeling Experience today and spend 3 months with Martin Messier. Why? Because you will call it the best thing that ever happened to you in your adult life.

Who Should Participate?

Certified NLP Students

Modeling is the one discipline you have heard about but never learned how to put into practice. dailyNLP's Modeling Experience will fill that gap for you.


When you venture out on your own, you need a quiver full of skills to meet the inevitable demands of life as an entrepreneur. Modeling will help you build those skills at record speed.

Lifelong Learners

If you have heard of NLP but have never studied it formally, this is the best introduction to the field that you could get.

"This is the best course we've ever taken."


What's My Investment?

How many opportunities are you allowing to pass by? How long have you been delaying your projects? How much income are you leaving on the table because you don't have the skills necessary to tap into it? How much do you have to wait because you need to rely on others to get what you want? A shortage of skills is probably already costing you a great deal.


3 Ways To Participate

Most NLP training programs cost upwards of $3,000 and don't offer nearly close to the support and attention this one does. The Modeling Experience is available at a terrific introductory price.

Save big while adding to your skillset.


(Pay in full - Save $90)

3 Monthly Payments of $195

(That's $6.50 per day)

  • Team onboarding session
  • Mind conditioning drills
  • 45 daily modeling sessions
  • 45 work samples
  • 18 modeling scans
  • 12 weekly team sessions
  • Individual debrief session
  • Unlimited email support
  • Stage 3 evaluation review
  • VIP one-on-one onboarding
  • Additional one-one-coaching session
  • Access to the Modeling Experience Portal
modeling experience

(Pay in full - Save $190)

3 Monthly Payments of $395

(That's $13.16 per day)

  • Team onboarding session
  • Mind conditioning drills
  • 45 daily modeling sessions
  • 45 work samples
  • 18 modeling scans
  • 12 weekly team sessions
  • Individual debrief session
  • Unlimited email support
  • Stage 3 evaluation review
  • VIP one-on-one onboarding
  • Additional one-one-coaching session
  • Access to the Modeling Experience Portal


Enroll in the dailyNLP Elite Modeling Experience and get access to the Modeling Experience Portal. It includes powerful resources like the Pattern Index to continue your modeling once the Modeling Experience has finished! This library is considered almost as valuable as the Experience itself to all of my students. It's all yours as an added bonus for enrolling at the Elite level.

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