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What Clients Say About dailyNLP

David Welsh

Senior Consultant - UK

I was intrigued by what Martin’s training had to offer me considering my career skills were already quite well developed as a management consultant. I learned that I was utilizing only a fraction of my abilities. Proof of this was reflected in my new client sales almost doubling within a month. Well worth the investment and more!

Beth Pagano

Beth Pagano

Real Estate Investor

Anything that Martin Messier is involved in is where I must and want to be! Martin breaks everything down into DOABLE, ACTIONABLE steps and provides it all in a non-judgmental zone. Priceless.

Justin Finkelstein

Senior VP - Data Analytics

Martin taught me how to speed read in less than three minutes. I'd read at least 5 books trying to learn how to do this. His strategy was so streamlined and his teaching style so natural that I instantly got it. It's been over six years and I still use it every single day.

How I Learned To Model Even Though
No Training Program Teaches It

Martin Messier, August 2020

What if there was a proven path you could follow to become good at modeling — even if no NLP program on Earth teaches how to do it?

Picking someone who kicks ass to model? Check.

Structuring a modeling project properly so you learn quickly? Check.

Learning the NLP code so you can annotate their patterns of performance? Check.

Contrary to what you might think, you don't have to be a certified NLP trainer to become very effective at modeling.

There is an explicit, proven step-by-step path that you can follow. A repeatable strategy.

It isn't complicated. But it is HARD TO COME BY.

My name is Martin Messier and I am the founder of dailyNLP.

20 years ago, I got certified in NLP. Most people in my class were focused on self-help and therapeutic applications.

However, I knew that the silver bullet of NLP was MODELING.

I had a problem, though...

No NLP trainer on Earth offers solid, experiential training on modeling.

But I knew that if I mastered modeling, everything else would fall into place.

(That's the key secret that Tony Robbins — whether you find him interesting or repulsive — understood that few others did, by the way...)

I had to figure out a way. So I did.

Ten years later, I've used modeling to build my skillset as a public speaker, recruiter, entrepreneur, salesperson and day trader.

At dailyNLP, I train people to become really good at modeling, following a proven step-by-step process.

It works like this:

Step 1. I design modeling projects that work (because I test them on myself first).

Step 2. I share them with you so can learn through a hands-on, practical program INSTEAD OF A COURSE.

Let me share an example with you...

A few years ago, I did a full 80/20 analysis on what it takes to increase my income.

It was clear that owning a business was the fastest way to accomplish this.

Then, I did an 80/20 analysis on the critical skills to succeed at business.

It became obvious that selling was the master discipline for business success.

My problem: I had zero business and selling DNA in my family. My Dad was a diplomat and my mother a university professor.

Worst, my mind was loaded to the gills with disempowering beliefs about selling.

After I overcame these beliefs, I did another 80/20 analysis on selling to narrow it down even further and I landed on the linchpin skill of selling: copywriting.

It became clear to me that if I learned copywriting, everything else in the sales skillset would fall into place.

So I designed a project to model one of the best copywriters on the planet.

The results of this project led me to build a business that sustains my family to this day and demands about two hours of my time a week.

The best part?

It only took about 15-minutes a day to put into practice.

Modeling isn't hard. It's not complicated. But if you try to learn it through a course, through theory, you'll spin your wheels for years.

Instead, a encourage you to use a well-crafted, hands-on approach.

That’s why I'm here.

I coach you through a hands-on modeling project until it finally clicks for you and you know in your bones how to do it.

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