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What Clients Say About dailyNLP

David Welsh

Senior Consultant - UK

I was intrigued by what Martin’s training had to offer me considering my career skills were already quite well developed as a management consultant. I learned that I was utilizing only a fraction of my abilities. Proof of this was reflected in my new client sales almost doubling within a month. Well worth the investment and more!

Beth Pagano

Beth Pagano

Real Estate Investor

Anything that Martin Messier is involved in is where I must and want to be! Martin breaks everything down into DOABLE, ACTIONABLE steps and provides it all in a non-judgmental zone. Priceless.

Justin Finkelstein

Senior VP - Data Analytics

Martin taught me how to speed read in less than three minutes. I'd read at least 5 books trying to learn how to do this. His strategy was so streamlined and his teaching style so natural that I instantly got it. It's been over six years and I still use it every single day.

How I Learned To Sell Even Though
I Had Zero Business DNA

Martin Messier, March 2019

What if there was a proven path you could follow to become good at selling — no matter how terrible you think you are right now?

Overcoming your disempowering beliefs about selling? Check.

Putting together an offer that people WANT to hear about? Check.

Presenting your offer in a way that draws in your prospects? Check.

Contrary to what you might think, you don't have to be born good at sales to become very effective at selling.

There are proven patterns you can learn and apply.

Repeatable patterns. They aren't complicated. But they are hard to come by.

My name is Martin Messier and I am the founder of dailyNLP.

20 years ago, I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I quickly realized that, if I wanted to reach my financial goals, I would have to build a business.

I had a problem, though...

My father worked for the Canadian government. My mother was a university professor. 

As you can imagine, business and sales were not topics at our dinner table. Not only did I suck at selling, but I had all kinds of negative beliefs about salespeople.

I had to figure out a way. So I did.

At dailyNLP, I model people who are really good at selling. Then I turn my modeling into detailed step-by-step learning systems for you.

It works like this:

Step 1. I model and test everything.

Step 2. You get what works.

For instance...

A few years ago I did a full 80/20 analysis on selling to figure out exactly what I needed to focus on to rapidly improve.

The results of this analysis led me to increase my sales by 300% in a month and a half.

The best part? It takes less than 15-minutes to put into practice.

The pattern isn’t hard. It’s not complicated. But if you don’t constantly research and test new things you’ll miss out on strategies like this that can easily help you have more impact in the world and increase your income.

That’s why I'm here.

I help you keep you focused every day so you keep growing your ability to sell in an ethical way.

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