Martin Messier

January 12, 2024

The science of Tony Robbins

I love when science studies edge cases.

This morning, I discovered Stanford had conducted a study on the effect of Tony Robbins's events Unleash the Power Within and Date With Destiny on people who suffered from depression.

The results are worth reviewing.


Finding #1: Date with destiny is more effective in treating depression than traditionally studied treatments.

Finding #2: Study participants report a +50% increase in positive emotions and a 70% decrease in negative emotions.

Finding #3: Study participants saw a 38% decrease in anxiety during the pandemic, even 11 months later, while the baseline showed a 28% increase.

Finding #4: Tony Robbins event participants experienced physiological shifts that created a measurable change and lasting effect. 

300% Increase in cognitive performance 

159% Increase in learning hormones 

139% Increase in performance biochemistry


Here's a summary video where Tony presents findings:

Here is the full website on the research, where you'll find links to the original published peer-reviewed study:

Clearly, knowing NLP and learning from John Grinder pay dividends.

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