The Full Story Of How I Got Into NLP

Have you ever read the book Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins?

If not, you should. It's revolutionary, for a simple reason: it put Neurolinguistic Programming on the map of the masses.

He also paved the way for a new way to leverage NLP.

In the world of NLP training, there are two major approaches:

  1. Learn NLP as a form of therapy to help others overcome their personal challenges. I nickname this "clinical NLP."
  2. Learn NLP as a set of skills that you will use in your daily life to achieve goals that impact your life and the life of others. I call this kind "daily NLP."

The question to ask yourself right now is: do I want to learn NLP as a coach/therapist or as a achiever?

While the question may seem a bit off, answering it will help you set the right course to learn. The good news is that the content itself of what you will learn in clinical NLP and daily NLP is almost identical. The bad news is that the context in which you apply clinical NLP is vastly different from the one in which you use daily NLP.

And there's something even more surprising...

The principles of daily NLP make it incredibly useful in clinical settings. However, the principles of clinical NLP don't always take well to the streets and your daily life. Ask yourself:

Do people behave in the streets the way they behave in a psychologist's office?

Daily NLP is incredibly rewarding for professionals who learn it. That said, it's not a path for everyone...

Because it takes guts.

Guts to stop following the herd and move in a different direction. The path of experimentation. The path of the real scientists.

It's scary as hell rolling the dice.

Yet it's the only way forward if your desire is to develop skills that work in the real world, outside of seminar rooms.

Think about it... Why are there so many certified NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners who still aren't able to get through to someone's problem and solve it? Why aren't so many of the "official" NLP authorities shining examples of health and happiness in marriage?

I truly hope you have the guts to at least be curious enough to read what I have to say here about learning and practicing NLP differently.

Like I said earlier, it's in your interest. And you'll be handsomely rewarded as a result.

Ready to come down the rabbit hole with me? Come take a peek at what you've been missing out on.

You don't have to learn NLP like everyone else.

I've been learning and developing my skills in a completely different way since 2002, and have been teaching others how to do it since 2007.

The comments my fellow students of NLP send me are proof that learning NLP daily-style works far more effectively than clinical-style.

Let me give you a glimpse at what that looks like. It won't cost you anything other than your time and attention for a few minutes.

Let me share with you the full story of how I got into NLP.

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