Martin Messier

January 3, 2024

The covert power of the Meta Model

Often, in coaching and leadership, the most powerful tool is not the loudest voice, but the most insightful question.

Let's picture this: as an NLP Practitioner, you're engaged in a dialogue, the usual back and forth. Beneath the surface, though, there's a deeper level of engagement happening: the Meta Model is playing its invisible tune in your mind.

The beauty of the Meta Model is not in its overt display but in its covert operation. It's like a chess grandmaster who sees not just the move in front of them but the next five moves ahead. When you deeply understand the Meta Model, you gain this foresight in your conversations. You're no longer just responding; you're strategically guiding the dialogue, uncovering layers of meaning that were previously hidden.

By the time you voice the question, you've already asked it in your mind, as part of a constellation of other questions about what the other person is describing.

And here's where improvisation comes in – the ability to adapt your questions and responses to the flow of the conversation, making each interaction as unique as the person you're speaking with. Ponder how sophisticated the process becomes when you blend in intonation, intention, and attitude with the words of the question...

Think of it as a jazz musician improvising a solo. They know the scales and chords, but the music they create in the moment is unique, responsive to the rhythm and mood of the piece. That's the Meta Model in action – a framework that allows for boundless creativity within the bounds of effective communication.

Delve into the Meta Model. Understand it, practice it, and then, let it blend seamlessly into your conversations as you become unconsciously competent at using it.

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