Martin Messier

January 8, 2024

Wiping out my daughter’s fear

My daughter is just a joy of a girl. Outstanding student, great singer, dedicated young professional, and just a delightful human being... She's definitely daddy's pride and joy.

On Saturday, she came to me and asked for my help. She told me she was experiencing a conflict about which path to follow. She has been torn between pursuing a career as a singer vs an actress. This dilemma revealed her challenge in making decision.

I sat down with her and started asking her about what she was experiencing. Within a minute, we nailed that she was afraid of making the wrong decision and nailed this as the cornerstone problem causing the conflict.

I asked her to get me a notebook and a pen, and started walking her through the sequence of questions I teach in Meta Model Mastery, in that precise order.

In less than 10 minutes, we were able to map out the entire "complex" that was making her miserable, and it came down to a simple chain:

If I don't know what to do --> I'm going to get lost --> I'm going to get scared

Two minutes and a reframe later, problem solved!

(Let me know if you'd like to know what the reframe was.)

Yesterday, she came back from work and shared two things with me that I loved:

1. She had used the exact same step-by-step process with her boyfriend that same night and helped him solve his problem, relieving massive stress.

2. She now felt tremendously excited about moving to Toronto to begin pursuing a career as an actress in musical theater.

I got a kick out of her stories.

First, because she was able to help her boyfriend without ANY training in Neurolinguistic Programming by simply applying a turnkey process she went through herself.

Second, because I always enjoy when simple changes start rippling into my clients' lives and boost their ambitions.

And it all starts with the simple understandings I share in Meta Model Mastery. And you can learn them in less than 45 minutes until tomorrow night.

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