Martin Messier

October 23, 2023

Tony Robbins’s secret ecology mind trick

Most people listen to what Tony says.

I listen to how he says it and how it's structured.

I've spent countless hours transcribing material to be able to get how it's sequenced.

To spot hidden embedded commands.

Identify covert frames and presuppositions.

Let's just say I've run a fine comb through a lot of material.

One of the cool nuggets I picked up on (and believe me, there are loads of them) is a key frame that Tony uses to perform all of his strategic interventions.

It's so powerful that he quickly brings it up in his seminars.

I'll reveal this to you within the next two days, and for you to better understand it, I want to talk to you about frames.

Imagine a wrapper that you could put around people that has a specific color.

Let's say pink.

From the moment you wrapped them in it, it would tint everything they looked at.

You could call it a color filter.

Instantly, these people would experience a change in perception.

Now, imagine you put the wrapper around them AND THEY COULDN'T TELL THAT THE WRAPPER WAS THERE.

That would change the game completely.

If they knew there were a wrapper, they might want to take it off.

If they didn't, they would come to filter the world through the wrapper without resistance.

Now, being able to set a frame so that it's accepted is useful...

But being able to set a frame that's undetected is nothing short of a superpower.

And I've seen Tony pull it off, over and over and over.

In fact, he sets that frame in his famous TED Talk.

See if you can spot it.

If you're curious, leave a comment or send me an email and I'll give you the answer.

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