Martin Messier

July 4, 2023

How To Become Great At Sales By Developing A Top Salesperson Mindset

What determines whether or not you can sell?

What will make you successful at business so you can achieve the income level you desire?

The strategies we use definitely have an impact. However, the #1 driver that determines whether or not someone will learn how to sell is their BELIEFS about selling.

Our beliefs, which are the feelings, thoughts and ideas that we associate to sales, typically determine whether or not we will be able to become effective at selling.

Our "Sales Blueprint" guides us and pulls us towards our actions.

This Sales Blueprint (our beliefs about selling) controls every decision we make and every one of our actions in our business. Many of us have "inner conflicts" or "disempowering beliefs" that limit our ability to communicate what we have to offer.


Ultimately, this limitation puts a massive hold on our potential income.

In this article, I reveal my Sales Blueprint and the exact sales beliefs and mindset that have turned me into an effective salesperson.

When I shifted these beliefs around selling, my business started to improve and I started increasing my income without much additional effort.

56 Beliefs About Selling That Make Me Successful In Business

Years ago, I had to make shifts about selling to be able to move forward in my business.

Recently, I went through Tony Robbins's "Personal Power II" program again. I decided to review and reframe many of the disempowering beliefs that I had (and many people have) about selling.

These were many of my answers to the "New Beliefs Exercise" contained in the Personal Power II journal.

When you read through the beliefs below, I suggest you pay attention to the first thing that comes to your mind. This is how you can identify what you currently believe and associate to selling.

For each belief, ask yourself: 

  • Does this empower or disempower me?
  • Does this free me or trap me?

By going through this self-discovery exercise yourself, you will find out your own Sales Blueprint.

1. Selling is... available to all.

2. Selling is... easy.

3. Selling is... freedom.

4. Selling is... fun.

5. Selling is... adding value to people's life.

6. Great salespeople are... skilled professionals.

7. Great salespeople are... problem solvers.

8. The reason I can't learn how to sell... DOESN'T EXIST!

9. Some of the potential negative effects about selling or learning how to sell are... NON-EXISTENT because the journey causes me to grow and become even more valuable as a professional.

10. My biggest worries and fears about selling are... ZERO, because even if I don't become the world's greatest salesperson, I will inevitably become a better human being.

11. The worst thing about selling is... nothing! I determine whether selling is good or bad based on the person that I am.

12. Selling is dishonest.

Selling itself isn't honest or dishonest. PEOPLE are honest or dishonest. In the hands of an ethical person, selling can help me solve the problems of thousands of people and make their lives better.

13. Selling is for uneducated people who can't get a job doing something else.

I know many brilliant people who sell! Being educated simply means you have the opportunity to sell with even more nuance, and bring even more value and joy to people.

14. Most successful salespeople manipulate people just to get their money.

Most successful salespeople get their clients through referral! This would never happen if their clients felt manipulated. Their clients refer others to them because they want their friends to be served as they were.

15. Selling will degrade me.

Selling will upgrade me, because it will help me communicate in a way that brings value to others.

16. Learning to sell will be really hard and painful.

If you learn to sell the SMART way, you won't have to experience difficulties. If you are learning in an organic way, then it can be very pleasurable and won't lead you to get rejected. Sometimes it's TOO MUCH FUN to learn to sell if you have the right strategy.

17. Selling is a big responsibility because you're on the hook to deliver.

Handling more responsibilities than you currently are leads you to grow and become greater as a person and as a professional.

18. I don't feel confident enough to sell.

Confidence comes from two things: a feeling of self-worth + competence. If you have doubts about your self-worth, get in touch with me so we can beef that up. Competence in selling comes from having well-designed training. I can also help you there.

19. Realistically, I'll never be able to sell.

Anyone can learn anything if they commit to it.  It doesn't matter what your starting point is, you can do it.

20. Top salespeople are born great.

Very few great salespeople are born great. Most are made through solid training and self-confidence. If they can do it, so can you. 

21. Selling isn't for people like me.

Selling is for ANYONE. If you want to learn how to sell, you can. Selling will make you and the people you serve richer in so many ways. You may only have one life. Learning how to sell will make it all that much better.

22. Salespeople use people and take advantage of them.

Salespeople serve people and add value to their life.

23. If I learn to sell there are certain people in my life who won't like me.

Most people get inspired by others who decide to learn something new. It generally leads them to want to become better as well. Everybody improves.

24. Salespeople are greedy, money-grubbing people.

It's not selling that makes people greedy. People who are greedy started out this way. Selling is a skillset that you apply following your own value system. If you're a generous person, selling will help you be even more generous.

25. I'm not very good in the area of influence and persuasion.

If you commit to learning about communication and service, then you WILL become good at influence and persuasion.  It's not that hard to understand.

26. If I approach someone to sell them something, I might get rejected.

People never reject YOU. Some people are interested in what you have to offer, some people aren't. The ones who aren't, though, can tell you about others who might be... when you're cool to them.

27. This just isn't the right time for me to start selling.

People who believe the time is not right to start growing will wait for the right time for the rest of their life. When would NOW be the right time? 

28. I don't really want to be good at selling.

If I could wave a magic wand and make you an expert salesperson, would you refuse? Most people who say they don't want to be good at selling are really saying they don't want to put in the effort to learn. They want to stay in their comfort zone, or they have disempowering beliefs that hold them back. It's natural to want to learn and improve yourself.

29. Selling isn't really that important.

People who believe that are usually unemployed, struggling, have little influence over their children and live in constant frustration. Selling is a base skill in today's world. You need it to get a date, to get a job, to raise your kids, to make new friends, and to move forward in life. It makes no sense to think that selling isn't important when so much of our lives revolve around it.

30. Selling can make people hate you.

Selling can make people love you.

31. I wasn't raised in a family that values selling and business.

Your family will always support you and be proud of you if you're committed to making the world a better place. Every parent and sibling is proud to be associated with someone who's influential and works for the betterment of others.

32. You can't be good at sales and be honest at the same time.

Sales and honesty have nothing to do with another. One is a skill and the other is a character trait. Honest people can sell well, just as dishonest people can sell well. It's like using a knife. A knife can be used to prepare a fantastic meal just as it can be used to hurt someone.

33. Trying to learn how to sell is a hassle and a struggle.

Learning how to sell is very EASY if you have the right approach. If you have a poor approach, you're going to struggle and it's going to be painful. If you have the right approach, it's a breeze... it's easy and simple.

34. People don't trust salespeople these days.

People ALWAYS trust honest and ethical people who demonstrate they have their well-being in mind.

35. Given how afraid of rejection I've been in the past, it would be difficult for me to learn how to sell.

Tony Robbins says: "The past does not equal the future."  Just because in the past you have been afraid of rejection doesn't mean that you can't overcome and learn how to sell today.

36. I'm not smart or intelligent enough to be good at selling.

Everyone has the capability to sell.  You can DEVELOP yourself and become solid at selling by learning, going through training programs, getting mentored, etc…  You can become good at selling if you want.  And intelligence doesn't determine your effectiveness at selling; true-story movies like the Wolf of Wall Street demonstrated that even half-wits can be very effective at selling.

37. I was horrible in school. How could I learn how to sell?

Remember: the past does not equal the future. Also, academic learning is one thing; learning how to sell is another. Selling leverages natural skills that everybody has. If you're committed, you will build your skills and become good at selling.

38. I'm too young to sell.

Age is just a number.  It doesn't matter how old or young you are.  There's people young and old that sell.  Work more on your psychology, beliefs and mindset; that will drive your success more than “age”.

39. I'm too old to sell.

Age is just a number.  It doesn't matter how old or young you are.  There's people young and old that sell.  Work more on your psychology, beliefs and mindset; that will drive your success more than “age”.

40. As a woman, it's much more difficult for me to sell.

If a man can sell, any woman can sell — and be even better than men. Men and women can both learn to sell. We all ultimately have the same opportunity and we are capable of overcoming hurdles.

41. I don't like the idea of selling or promoting.

Selling is ALWAYS what kickstarts any improvement, anywhere. Selling is the skill that enables you to influence, persuade and enrich other people's life. If you have integrity and make other people's needs a priority, selling is one of the most virtuous activities you can engage in. You have to sell CONSTANTLY in modern life. Anytime you interact with another human being, selling is involved. Might as well become good at it!

42. I wish I didn't have to sell.

Learning to sell drives you to improve yourself and become better.

43. I don't enjoy trying to convince others.

Selling isn't about convincing others. It's about finding out whether you can help others and making it obvious when you can.

44. I don't have time to learn how to sell.

You have the same number of hours in a day as anybody else. People can find time for ANYTHING if they are committed. They make sacrifices and do whatever it takes. Learning how to sell isn't about how much time we have available; it's about what we make a priority.

45. Salespeople are always stressed out.

Really good salespeople are NEVER stressed out, because they know how to be of value and service to others. They can focus on making things better for themselves and their clients.

46. I'm too busy to put a lot of time and energy into learning.

You always have time if you make it a priority.

47. If I become good at selling, that's great, if not, that's fine too.

This is a loser mentality, adopted by someone who can't be honest about COMMITTING to getting it done. Make a real DECISION, commit, resolve and act on it.

48. I'm not a strong communicator.

At one point, you weren't a strong "talker" or a strong "walker." Everyone has the ability to learn how to communicate; it's natural.  It's about tapping into your ability to learn and improving yourself.  The great thing about learning how to communicate is it forces to you to become more self-confident. This expands your horizons and possibilities in your life.

49. I resent salespeople.

You will never become good at sales if you resent and condemn salespeople. Find good role models that you can admire and emulate if you ever want to become good at selling.

50. I'm a good listener, but not a good talker.

Boy, are you in luck! Being a good listener is WAY more important than being a good talker in sales. Good listeners have an ability to connect with others and earn their trust — this is critical to be good at selling. And something tells me you have no problem talking with people who trust you.

51. I'm worried that people will judge me.

What other people think of you doesn't matter.  It has nothing to do with you.  People's judgments and prejudices are based on their own beliefs, not on your actions.

52. I'm already good enough.  I don't think I need to invest the time and money to improve.

People who are stuck in their comfort generally experience a strange phenomenon: the Universe shows up in their life and says "You need a little growth!" and usually supplies it in a way that they don't find too pleasant. It's better to constantly be working on improving yourself voluntarily, so the Universe can supply some opportunities and you make some intelligent choices. 

53. I don't know where to begin to learn how to sell.

There's help available everywhere! Ask for help.

54. The only reason to become good at selling is to make money.

There's so many reasons to become good at selling besides making money – to add value to others, make an impact on the world, influence people for the better, solve problems, etc.

55. Selling is complicated and hard to learn.

You can easily MASTER selling if you commit to learn and become good it.

56. Selling is for people who want to be rich.

It doesn't matter how much money you want to make or earn. Selling will help you in all areas of your life.

There you have it!

These are my re-frames and beliefs around selling based on the New Belief Exercise from the Personal Power II Success Journal.

None of these beliefs are right or wrong. They are simply the beliefs that empower me in constantly improving my skills in selling.

Take a look at each of the beliefs above and ask yourself: "How do I feel about this? Do I agree or disagree?"

Beliefs are like utility software on your computer: if you find one that can enrich your life, adopt it, install it and make it a part of your life.

The goal is to start enhancing your Sales Blueprint so it empowers you to succeed in your business.

If a particular belief doesn't feel right you, that's totally OK. Disregard it.

Don't think of beliefs as right or wrong. They are just doors to possibilities. Come up with whatever works for you and helps you in moving towards your goals.

What's next?

Now that you feel great about selling, it's time to become good at it!

And there's no better or faster way than through the Modeling Experience.

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