Martin Messier

February 16, 2023

How To Start Learning NLP

So you've seen someone performing a rapid-change technique designed by a practitioner of NLP. (If you've never seen one, here's an example performed by NLP super veteran Steve Andreas.)

Or maybe you watched a video of Tony Robbins performing a strategic intervention.

Or, a friend of yours told you of this incredible seminar he just came back from where a master of NLP was removing everyone's limitations.

And now you want to learn how to do it yourself.

OK. What to do now?

Feel it first

The first and absolute most important thing you can do is to witness applications of NLP in action.

Go to an introductory seminar, find a practicioner in your area and go in for a session. One way or another, you have to feel it first.

That's where it begins.

"OK Steve, I'm done. I've already seen a prac. in action. What next?"

The program

In the next step of your learning, you'll want to understand the basic framework of NLP, which consists in the three following pieces:

  1. Learn the NLP epistemology. The first thing you must know and master is how people build their model of the world. That's pretty much what "epistemology" means: how we know what we know. That comes before anything else. The only source I've found that attempts to describe and explain it is the book "Whispering In The Wind" by John Grinder. And it's not learner-friendly. Fortunately, I devote tons of time and space to this in my upcoming course, Learning and Mastering NLP.
  2. Learn how to map people's model of the world. It's one thing to know how people build their model of the world. It's quite another to be able to map it out yourself. While the NLP epistemology is a piece of knowledge, this one is a skill. This one demands that you actually produce results. This one starts differentiating those who talk from those who do. This is where the rubber meets the road.
  3. Learn how to change people's model of the world. Once you know how to track and map people's model of the world, you must learn how to alter it. This is the third level of mastery in NLP.

Also, remember that you must apply all these skills with regard to yourself all the time. Otherwise, you won't achieve the state of congruency and alignment necessary to powerfully influence others.

Do a quick evaluation

Now, take some time and figure out where you lie exactly on the spectrum of mastering NLP.

Perhaps you're just getting started now. You haven't done through any of those levels yet.

Perhaps you've incorporated into your toolkit bits and pieces of all three levels.

But have you fully completed level 1? If not, get started now!

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