Martin Messier

July 11, 2023

Coaching vs Selling

What do you do you if you have a coaching practice and you want to grow it?

You have to sell.

Fortunately, coaching and selling are almost the same thing. They both involve one key: you are responsible to help people change their frame of reference.

Here are some of the key points covered in the video:

  • 0:45 - The principle I repeat often at dailyNLP
  • 1:06 - Capability comes down to these two things
  • 1:10 - What is a frame of reference?
  • 1:30 - The essence of coaching is getting people to unhook their...
  • 2:17 - The only difference between coaching and selling
  • 3:06 - The two pieces you need to have in place to sell coaching
  • 3:48 - The BIG question: how do you change people's frame of reference?
  • 4:15 - The very first thing to do to change someone's f.o.r.
  • 5:38 - The ONE question coaching system
  • 7:24 - Selling is nothing but...

Tools mentioned: Meta Model Mastery

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