Here's How To

In 44 Minutes and 31 seconds

 — Without Having To Memorize All 
The Patterns And Questions

The traditional way of teaching the Meta Model
is missing an important piece.

That's why you've found it hard to use.

Here's what you need to master it.

And I'm so confident in my system that I'll give you double your money back if it doesn't work for you.


  • You don't know where to begin to learn it.
  • You have a hard time using in the appropriate context.
  • You'd like to learn to use it in real life in a practical way. 
  • You'd prefer being fluid with the language patterns rather than using canned scripts.
  • You don't know how to use it with everyday language.
  • You find there are too many terms to remember.

The truth is, it can be incredibly frustrating to wrestle with the Meta Model. Bandler and Grinder tried to bridge Transformational Grammar with effective therapy, and the result was a complicated mish mash that 90% of people simply don't have the time to master.

However, this poses a problem: 99.9999% of your effectiveness as a Practitioner lies on your ability to build maps of other people's model of the world.

Whether you're modeling an outstanding performer or acting as a coach or therapist, you have to be able to capture another person's way of representing reality.

Guess what?

The tool that makes this possible is the Meta Model.

Unless you master it, you've pretty much wasted your NLP training money because you will not be able to get very far.

Not fully knowing the Meta Model will also prevent you from getting the biggest benefit of ANY NLP training: applying and using it in your everyday life.

As such, you'll be confined to using it in seminar rooms. Unless you're a trainer or a seminar buff, you can flush your hopes of fully taking advantage of NLP down the toilet.

Or you can do what I did and buckle down for thousands of hours figuring it out, piece by piece, bit by bit, pattern by pattern, until you can turn the jargon into simple language that you can understand and then use.

It doesn't have to be that way.

From: Russell brunson

new york, NY — USA

Martin, Martin, Martin; you're the MAN!!

I feel so comfortable using the Meta Model now and my thinking is lightening speed. It's almost as quick as when I use the laws of logic, partly because the Meta Model and the laws of logic share similar functions and qualities.

I am finally relieved that I know I can use the Meta Model.

To be honest, I agree with your student that said the Meta Circle could fully replace the Meta Model. I feel empowered to accomplish anything pertaining persuasion with the Meta Circle without having to fully understanding the Meta Model in the way in which it was originally taught.

I have a friend who has an issue finding himself in the art community. Based on his statements, I could tell that he was allowing the belief that he needs to have a huge following in order for him to have success hold him back from taking serious action to follow his dreams. I got him to see that what others deemed to be success wasn't his actual marker for success and he realized by his own personal definition of success, he's been successful many times. I used the techniques in your program and it was easy to get to the end result in regards to him changing his perspective.

Thank you for developing this program. I highly appreciate it.


Most NLP Practitioners know what the Meta Model is... but only a few can harness its power to change the life of their clients — or their own.

It's not enough to understand that there's a Deep Structure and a Surface Structure, and that we derive the Surface Structure through the processes of generalization, distortion and deletion. That's too theoretical. What you really need is a practical way to identify quickly these generalizations, distortions and deletions so you quickly nail your client's problem.

I've put together just that.

In front of a live audience, I was able to demonstrate in an hour how you can use five simple questions over and over to nail down what keeps a client stuck.

And I'll show you how you can do the same.

You get to see it for free!

I've just put the final touches on my "Meta Model Mastery Workshop."

The reason I decided to create this workshop was simple. During the past few weeks, talking with various NLP CERTIFIED students (including Master Practitioners and even Trainers), I realized that the VAST MAJORITY of them didn't master the Meta Model.

Of course, they're able to repeat what they learned in training. However, when it's time to put it into practice, they don't know where to begin or how to take advantage of it.

I surveyed my subscribers and discovered that their comfort levels with the Meta Model broke down like this:

Comfort Level

% of students

Bad ass




Studied it formally but doesn't feel confident


Read about it


Have no idea what it is


In short, only 16.39% of students feel competent at using the Meta Model.

A whopping 83.61% does not.

Warning: I'm not saying that what is taught in traditional certification courses has no value. Quite the opposite, However, data shows that there's an important gap between the information offered and the ability of students to use it in their day-to-day.

So I scheduled a workshop and, in one hour, I shared with them the exact approach I use to leverage the Meta Model.

Not only did they learn how to use the Meta Model, but they came out enchanted with how simple the model is.

How did I pull this off?

The secret to the Meta Model

The trick is to figure out the questions you have to ask YOURSELF — not to your client.

The goal of all the interaction with your client must be to answer questions YOU want answered. Then, you can proceed in a systematic way to seek the information you need.

First, ask this.
Then, ask that.
Then that.
Then that.

Notice what's going on? It's a logical sequence of questions. No wondering about where to start. No wondering about the appropriate context for each question. No wondering about how to apply the model practically. No problem in flowing with the patterns. No complex terms used.

All in sequence.

Now pay attention: it doesn't matter what method you use in your coaching, because if you were able to understand precisely your client's REAL problem...

You would immediately start delivering bigger results, more quickly.

In other words, it's possible — with a SINGLE intervention — not only to solve the problem that prevents your client from attaining the result (s)he desires, but also to get over other obstacles simultaneously!

It's the best of both worlds.

Let me give you a concrete example to better understand this.

A few years ago, I had to get leaner in a drastic way. To shed fat, you can either diet or fast.

Fact is, you can shed fat 5 times faster fasting than dieting.

Now, listen to this... Besides helping you get leaner, fasting:

  • Stimulates blood sugar control because it reduces insulin resistance
  • Promotes better health because it reduces inflammation
  • Can improve heart health, improving blood pressure and triglycerides and cholesterol levels
  • Can improve brain function and prevent neurodegenerative problems
  • Increases secretion of growth hormone, which is key to growth, metabolic function, weight loss and muscular strength
  • Delays aging and increases longevity
  • Can help in preventing cancer

Fasting brings all these benefits (backed by science)!

So not only is fasting quicker for weight loss. It's also better.

Using the Meta Model with my methods will give you the same results

Not only will you be able to help your client reach his or her goals, you'll be able to do it better and get it done quicker than ever before... guaranteed!

Why I'm offering a double your money back guarantee

Before I created my Meta Model system, I asked myself an important question:

"What would be the easiest way for me to get someone to invest in my training program?"

Then it hit me: what if I debuted my techniques in front of a live audience, instead of just hiding behind a sales page?

So I did.

I scheduled a few webinars and invited some of my subscribers to attend. During the session, I laid out all of my Meta Model distinctions and diagnosis secrets. I went full speed for an hour and 15 minutes.

What was the result?

People in attendance were blown away by this approach.

I'll share some of the testimonials with you in a minute. But first, let me tell you about the 3 "wow" moments of the training.

During the presentation, there were three different times when people in attendance went nuts with comments like "Wow, that's amazing! Neat! Cool!"

For example, I showed them that all the relevant questions to ask their client fit in JUST two categories, super easy to remember because they're labeled with common, every day language.

I also showed them what I consider the #1 question of the Meta Model. Often, that question ALONE is sufficient to reveal the client's problem.

What I did was show them several examples. I presented several potential statements that a client could make. Then, I showed what happens psychologically with a client when you ask that question.

The best part was when they understood that it's possible to ask that question for virtually ANYTHING THE CLIENT SAYS! One of them commented: "It's true, if the client can't answer that question for himself in a convincing way, he has to reorganize everything in his model of the world."

That was one other advantage of testing the system in front of a live audience... I was able to use participants' conclusions and input and add them to the training program.

A third highlight point was when I showed my technique to handle nominalizations. I explained to participants not only when and why denominalize a word, but also when you SHOULD create nominalizations!

Nominalizations serve a constructive purpose in our language structure. When you know how to use them effectively, they allow for powerful effects in our clients' psychology.

Every Participant Came Away With A Simple Map That Sums Up Everything

Here is one of the emails that I received after the presentation (I had to cut parts of it because my client wrote in Spanish:

There you have it. A testimonial taken straight from my inbox. This was just one of the many I received. I didn't want to clutter this page up too much, but just wanted to give you a sample of what to expect.

Based on the above feedback, I knew I had a winner on my hand. So I went back and refined my presentation, based on the feedback and ideas I generated after the webinar. I also created additional examples and a reference page to go along with the system.

Introducing The Meta Model Mastery Workshop

I have designed a 44 minute and 31 seconds video series going over every single practical detail I know for you to make the most of the Meta Model and help you understand quickly the nature of your client's problem.

If that seems too short to explain a model as complex as the Meta Model, don't worry. When you really master the principles behind a model, you can explain it in a simple way with simple, every day language.

In an effort to make it as user-friendly as possible, I've also broken the program into seven different sections.

Ideally, you should be able to open up ANY video and, within just a few minutes, be able to apply what you learned in a practical way, immediately in the real world — not just in a seminar room. That was my goal when organizing the content.

I've also taken the major point of each video and synthesized it into a simple icon. I gathered all the icons on a single page. All you have to do is look at that page to INSTANTLY remember the questions to ask.

I also created a reference guide in which I mapped out the classic patterns of the Meta Model (the ones you studied in your certification training) to the system that I teach you here. That way, you can quickly know where the old patterns fit in this new pattern.

The program includes 32 concrete examples so you can experience in practice the power of the logical sequence and the dynamic of the questions.

Enroll now and get started!

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Right after you enroll, you will be directed to the course area. You get full access to everything immediately so you can go through the entire system, master it rapidly and begin applying it right away. Within the first ten minutes, you will have already mastered the most important question to ask. Within an hour, you will have it down pat. In just a few days of effortless practice, you will be a master of the Meta Model.


This powerful framework can be learned at your own pace. Breeze through the entire training or digest slowly, piece by piece. Each session will lead to powerful changes in your ability to coach and help.


Take the course on any of your devices capable of browsing the internet. In other words, take it with you wherever you go.


Increase your confidence when speaking with clients, knowing EXACTLY what information you are requesting and where it fits in the puzzle.


When you start asking questions that your clients have not heard before, they achieve new levels of insight. They will attribute these breakthroughs to how brilliant you are.

Here’s what John Grinder and Richard Bandler
said about the Meta Model:

"The meta-model is really simplistic, but it's still the foundation of everything we do. Without it, and without systematic control over it, you will do everything that we teach you sloppily. The difference between the people who do the things that we teach well and those that don't, are people who have control over the meta-model.  It is literally the foundation of everything we do."

— Frogs Into Princes

Here's a little more in-depth look
at everything you're going to get.

7 powerful training sessions


Session 1: Why The Meta Model Is So Hard To Learn — And What To Do About It

The ultimate goal of my system is not to reorganize the Meta Model.

The ultimate goal is for you to be a more effective change agent.

If you've studied the Meta Model before and you couldn't master it, it's not your fault. It's probably not even your trainer's fault. The culprit is the system that was used to teach you the Meta Model. That system is probably full of weaknesses.

Before I show you how to approach the Meta Model, I want you to understand the weakness of the traditional model. Once you understand the weak points of a system, it becomes easy to strengthen it and solve its biggest problems.

In this session, you will discover:

  • The three main reasons you've been having a hard time in learning the Meta Model (the third one might surprise you)
  • How your brain reacts to these design problems in the model — and the simple solution to make it easy to learn it
  • The crucial key to understand how to use the Meta Model — offered by one of the VERY FEW NLP trainers I admire and respect (it makes all the difference in your ability to understand and USE the Meta Model)
  • The Meta Circle — a practical tool that underpins all the patterns we will use in the system
  • And more!


Session 2: The Most Powerful Meta Circle Question

To me, this is the most valuable part of the entire program.

Here, I'm going to show you how to identify the underpinnings of your client's model. With a single question, you will be able to generate profound changes in them. When you combine it with the other questions you will learn, you amplify its power.

Just so you know, I used this question to start breaking down the Meta Model and own it so I could master it quickly.

Specifically, we will touch on:

  • How this question reveals instantly the references that hold up the model — and how clarifying these references allow you to generate profound change
  • Why certainty can sometimes be our enemy — and what factor to bring into the intervention to cause instant change
  • How to make a destructive model of the world crumble in seconds
  • How it's possible to free someone of a long-lasting affiliction in instants bringing to the surface what appears to be an insignificant factor
  • And more!


Session 3: How to shrink-wrap the problem

Have you ever seen those vacuum-sealed meats at the supermarket or the butcher shop?

The reason they do that is because there is a plethora of putrefactive bateria in suspension in the air. When they eliminate as much air as possible from the packaging, butchers minimize putrefactive factors inside the package and prevent the meat from rotting right away.

During this session, I will show you how to fully isolate the factors that cause the problem so you can intervene directly on the cause without wasting a second dealing with distractions or peripheral factors.

In this video, you will discover:

  • The essential question you must ask YOURSELF to isolate the cause your client's problem
  • How your clients lie to themselves (unwillingly — and sometimes, willingly) and how to reestablish truth and facts in their speech
  • How to slice and dice generalizations in instants without getting lost along the way
  • Unconscious elements that could keep your client stuck during YEARS — and how to open the door quickly so they can escape their own mental traps
  • And more!


Session 4: How to elicit the rules of "mental customs"

Every mental model works according to a rule system — a bit like a country.

Part of these rules define what can come into a country and what has to stay out. That's what customs are for.

Your client's mental customs commands what can enter his or her model of the world and what has to stay out. It's a set of logical rules designed to protect him or her emotionally. When you identify these rules, you will understand beyond the shadow of a doubt why your client makes the decision he or she does.

Here, we will reveal:

  • What makes a particular action possible or impossible
  • The emotional factors that create blind spots in your client's worldview — and what to do not to become a slave to them
  • How logical flaws in the model's rules can prevent your client from acting, moving forward or making important decisions — and how to correct them
  • How to reorganize the internal rule system to unleash the ability to take action
  • And more!


Session 5: How to identify and break open "concealed" universes within a statement

Sometimes, your client will mention a word that, at face value, seems pretty inoffensive.

However, after this session, you will be paying close attention to ensure that this kind of word doesn't pass unchecked.

You will track down these words, isolate them, open them up and scrutinize everything that's under the hood.

Here, we'll take a look at:

  • Why certain apparently innocuous words could hide emotional bombs underneat them — and how to disarm them
  • How certain kinds of generalizations can actually be REALLY useful — and how to distinguish them from those that disempower your client
  • When to put your microscope on "camouflaged universes" in your client's model of the world
  • How to shed a floodlight in areas of your client's life that they themselves may have let go unexplored for YEARS!
  • And more!


Session 6: Increasing the resolution of your client's mental pictures

Sometimes, you need to go full Sherlock Holmes on your client.

In order to make sense of their model, you need a greater level of resolution.

In this session, I share with you what you need to ask to get down to the level of specificity that you need in order to move forward in your map-making.

In this session, we go over:

  • How eliciting certain details can COMPLETELY transform your understanding of their model
  • Multiple ways to elicit key details from your client
  • How to ask these questions without sounding weird — otherwise you can sound like a nosy freak!
  • And more!


Session 7: The power toolkit in action

Each of the five key question is a high precision tool by itself. Once you put them together, you have an incredibly powerful toolkit to bring to every interaction with your clients.

In the recap, we go over several examples where you see the entire toolkit in action in a coherent, integrated way.

The best part is how simple and practical it is!

You will learn:

  • The exact sequence in which to ask the questions — in order of power and impact!
  • Different ways of phrasing the exact same question — so you don't sound like weirdo
  • All the key patterns laid out on two easy slides — once you burn these images in your mind, you will NEVER forget them
  • How to deploy the questions and make them work together
  • And more!


3 Bonuses That Makes This Offer A No-Brainer

Bonus 1
Classic Patterns Mapping

As part of the Meta Model Mastery Workshop, you receive this training guide that shows you exactly how to map the classic Meta Model language patterns to the Meta Circle system.

If you already have formal NLP training under your belt, this will help you easily fold what you have already learned into this practical, economical framework.

If you haven't gotten formal NLP training, it will help you bridge everything you read in the classic literature into the framework you learn in the Core Training.

Bonus 2
The Chain of Action

You also receive a training session on the Chain of Action. This is the model I've used for 15 years as a coach to help my clients unlock their potential and produce the results they desire.

The Chain of Action gives you the context in which to apply the Meta Circle framework. It describes with precision where your clients — and, for that matter, you and I — get stuck when we stop moving forward towards our goals.

If you're already a coach, the Chain of Action framework will help you frame your interactions with your clients.

Bonus 3
Watch Your Attitude!

This session covers how attitude impacts your use of the Meta Model. It presents five core attitudes that you can use and how they affect the non-verbal part of your communication.

Once you understand how these five attitudes affect your communication and the appropriate contexts in which to use them, you can come up with additional attitudes to color your communication.

Developing your attitude skills will help you modulate your communication even further, both with coaching clients and other people with whom you interact.

About Your Instructor,
Martin Messier

Martin Messier holds a BA in Economics and International Studies and a Master's degree in International Political Economy from The American University, and was trained in NLP and Neuroassociative Conditioning by Master Trainer Rex Sikes and Tony Robbins.

From 2007 to 2019, he presided the chain of bakeries Toca da Empada, which he founded with his wife in 2007 in Northeastern Brazil. He is the author of the books "Desafiando As Probabilidades" and "Get It!", and speaks frequently about education, entrepreneurship and Neurolinguistic Programming.

Hit him up if you ever stop by Ottawa. He'll show you where you can find the best locally brewed beer in town. Not a beer person? Give our local Beaver Tails a try...

Martin Messier
Martin Messier

Here’s what people are saying about Martin Messier

Justin Finkelstein

Senior VP - Data Analytics

"His teaching style is so natural"

Martin taught me how to speed read in less than three minutes. I'd read at least 5 books trying to learn how to do this. His strategy was so streamlined and his teaching style so natural that I instantly got it. It's been over six years and I still use it every single day.

David Welsh

Senior Consultant

"New client sales almost doubling within a month"

I was intrigued by what Martin’s training had to offer me considering my career skills were already quite well developed as a management consultant. I learned that I was utilizing only a fraction of my abilities. Proof of this was reflected in my new client sales almost doubling within a month. Well worth the investment and more!

Beth Pagano

Real Estate Investor

"Martin breaks everything down into DOABLE steps"

Anything that Martin Messier is involved in is where I must and want to be! Martin breaks everything down into DOABLE, ACTIONABLE steps and provides it all in a non-judgmental zone. Priceless.

So Why Am I Keeping The Price So Low?

Compared to the tool you're getting today, the price is so small it's suspect. It might even make you think, “what's the catch?”

There is a catch. I'll get to it in a second.

First, let's consider the value. I'm giving you a system so you can start leveraging the power of the Meta Model as quickly as possible, with as little pain and effort as possible.

The Meta Model is the swiss army knife of NLP. You can use it to:

  • Influence and persuade powerfully
  • Become an ace at planning and solving problem
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Be perceived as a superior coach or consultant, manager, spouse or parent
  • Eliminate misunderstandings in crucial conversations (people will thank you for your thoroughness)
  • Rapidly elicit and change people's model of the world in various contexts (including business and personal relationships)
  • Eliminate disempowering beliefs
  • Elicit the strategy of outstanding performers
  • Map out a business
  • And more!

How much is that worth to you?

I don't even think you can quantify it.

But let's say you don't get the “best case scenario” results. Let's say you just get 1/10th out of this program that you could. It's my opinion that if you only applied a measly 10% of the system in this program, you should triple your effectiveness as a coach.

Tripling your effectiveness usually means that you'll be able to increase your rates. So let's say you're making $100 a session now, you should be able to charge at least $200 a session after helping a few clients get unstuck and getting their endorsement.

That means $100 more per session. That means that in a single session, you'll have made back the money you invested in this program today.

And that's if you half-ass it and you only take away the least from the program! Imagine if you leverage all it has to offer...

With that in mind, I still decided not to charge an arm and a leg for this program, but instead keep it at a low price of $199.

There are two main reasons for this.

One, I wanted to make this program affordable to everybody. At the time I write this, NLP tuitions from REPUTABLE TRAINERS are sky high.

Michael Breen's Practitioner training will run you upwards of $2,000 — not counting airfare.

At Michael Caroll's NLP Academy, Practitioner Training will cost you upwards of $2,800 — not counting airfare.

At James Tsakalos's Developing Magic, Practitioner Training will run you over $4,800 — not counting airfare to Australia.

All of them routinely sell out. Why? Because they mainly go after the high end segment of the market.

But most people can't afford to spend $2,000 to learn the Meta Model. They get the shaft. Well, I'll let Michael, Michael and James go after those with huge disposable incomes and keep mine affordable for everyone else.

Second, I have a pretty extensive line of other programs I'd eventually like to offer to you. My hope is that you purchase this program and become addicted to my material. Thus, you end up purchasing, in rapid succession, several of my other programs.

Bottom line, it's just a smart business move for me to keep this accessible to everyone, even though you will be able to learn what NLP trainers can't teach at much more expensive seminars.


You receive everything mentioned above.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Core Training
  • Classic Meta Model Patterns Mapping
  • The Chain of Action
  • Attitude Session
MMM + mentoring 

You receive everything included in the regular program and a one-hour NLP mentoring session at a steep discount.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Core Training
  • Classic Meta Model Patterns Mapping
  • The Chain of Action
  • Attitude Session
  • 1-hour mentoring session

Don't Forget About My
"Double Your Money Back" Guarantee!

I'm so confident that my system will give you dramatic and quick results, I'm willing to put my own money on the line.

Here's how it works:

Get on a call with me and show me that you've gone through the program, asked questions where you weren't clear and done your homework. If you can honestly tell me that it hasn't improved your ability to coach, not only will I give you every penny of your purchase back...

I'll give you double your money back.

And of course, if you just look at the program and decide it's not for you, then you don't even have to try anything. Just ask me for a refund, and I'll promptly give you back every cent you paid.

Either way you can't lose!

Look at what past students have to say about this program

Barbara B.


"I came out with tools I can use"

I participated in the Meta Model Mastery Workshop because I wanted to learn to use the Meta Model with ease.

My biggest breakthrough happened when you said the meta model is all about understanding someone's map/model of the world. It really hit home. I used to be worried about which question to ask for which meta model. Now it's pretty simple, I can always ask another question to get more clarification. I also enjoyed the examples and the practice at the end.

I recommend the Meta Model Workshop. It was simple, clear, and I came out with tools I can use.

Sanjay V.


"I was finally able to get unstuck"

I had worked with several coaches before to get over my shyness, with mixed levels of results. When Martin offered the program, I jumped on it because I know of his "fast results" policy. I'm not a coach, but I wanted to apply the material to myself.

I was nothing short of amazed by what happened. I just used the first question of the Meta Circle over and over and was able to break through my reluctance to approach ladies. I was finally able to get unstuck.

It's simple and practical. I love it!

James A.

HR Consultant

"Anybody can learn this very quickly"

I was always a big fan of Tony Robbins and wondered how he was able to pull off these magical interventions so quickly.

I'm not sure that Martin mapped out exactly the framework Tony uses. If it isn't, it has to be darn close. Anybody with half a brain can learn this very quickly and use it to great effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be certified in NLP to benefit from Meta Model Mastery?

Is Meta Model Mastery only useful for coaches?

How long will it take before I become good at using the Meta Model? 

Can I use what I learn on myself?

Can this substitute NLP Practitioner Training? 

I'm a certified NLP Master Practitioner. Will Meta Model Mastery benefit me?


You receive everything mentioned above.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Core Training
  • Classic Meta Model Patterns Mapping
  • The Chain of Action
  • Attitude Session
MMM + mentoring 

You receive everything included in the regular program and a one-hour NLP mentoring session at a steep discount.



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Core Training
  • Classic Meta Model Patterns Mapping
  • The Chain of Action
  • Attitude Session
  • 1-hour mentoring session

Thrilled to serve you!

Thank you so much for taking a look at the program. I've spent the past decade studying and simplifying the Meta Model to bring this framework to you. I'm really proud of what I've put together for you. I know that you can learn this! 

I really hope that you enroll so you can FINALLY learn and master the Meta Model, which will help you become both a better coach AND a more effective modeler.