Meta-Model Mastery

Quickly Map Obstacles to Action


The Meta-Model Mastery Workshop is for people:

  • Who communicate for a living — that means leader, salesperson, coach, parent, therapist, or entrepreneur...
  • Who believe that finding out what's hidden behind the words we speak (and not just their face value), and knowing how to bring it out, is the key to helping others (and ourselves) overcome what's stopping them…
  • Who believe that deep understanding of communication, tied with the ability to improvise, is better than canned techniques...
  • Who care about impacting others at a much deeper level (even if they're not their therapist, coach or hired help), instead of the surface...
  • Who believe that helping is less about speaking, and more about listening and paying quality attention...
  • Who understand that the Meta-Model is the cornerstone of all of NLP, and that mastering it is the key to the whole field...

Here’s what John Grinder and Richard Bandler said about the Meta Model:

"The Meta-Model is really simplistic, but it's still the foundation of everything we do. Without it, and without systematic control over it, you will do everything that we teach you sloppily. The difference between the people who do the things that we teach well and those that don't, are people who have control over the Meta-Model. It is literally the foundation of everything we do."

The Meta Circle is a principles-based framework that organizes the patterns of the Meta-Model so you can deploy them brilliantly.

The Meta Circle goes way beyond language patterns and canned questions; it's about mapping the underlying structure of the way people speak so extensively that you can "see the code" behind what they say, so to speak.

TIP: The big secret is to fit ALL the Meta-Model — there are more than 20 —patterns into very simple categories that are easy to remember, and that operate hierarchically. Meaning, start with the first one, then the second, then the third, and so forth.

If this resonates with you, keep reading. What I have will delight you and help you create deeper connections with your family, your co-workers, your clients and, most importantly, yourself.

The Product

The Meta-Model Mastery Workshop organizes all of the Meta-Model patterns and reduces them to only five meta-patterns (in a unique and different way).

By all, I mean every pattern that you can find in NLP books, on the internet, or in a formal NLP training you may have already taken.

I call that framework the Meta Circle.

The main problem most NLP students face is that they don't know when to ask which question, let alone memorize all the Meta-Model patterns.

Example (at a high-level):
  1. A friend of yours tells you "I have a hard time making money"...

    (or pretty much any other statement that hints at an obstacle or problem they're facing.)
  2. You listen to the statement intently and, instantly, you identify it as an obstacle statement...
  3. You instinctively know whether the context is appropriate or not to help them get past the obstacle...
  4. If so, you immediately ask them a deep, insightful question that interrupts their pattern and starts the process of getting through the obstacle...
  5. A Meta Circle question is a "mapping device," which, at its core, works to help you frame and understand the problem so it can be solved...
  6. A Meta Circle question also empowers the other person by giving them clarity on what the REAL problem is.
  7. The distinction of FRAMING the problem so it can be solved vs ASKING QUESTIONS is an important one.

    As the NLPer, you're building a map of the problem. The clarity they gain through the questions you ask is important, but less important than the integrated picture you're building of how they get in their own way.

There is more to the Meta Circle than this high-level, of course. The nuances is where all the power lies; the between the lines stuff. Once you know the five-part framework, the breakthroughs come in the your creativity in improvising questions to fill in the gaps you're missing in the map.

Instead of robotic, repetitive, memorized, standardized communication, in the Meta Circle we go deep in developing your understanding so you're free to improvise on the spot.

Instead of asking the same questions to everyone in every situation, we understand which pieces of the puzzle have to be put in place so the person can overcome what's stopping them (and sometimes, that's yourself).

This is the essence of what the Meta Circle is about.

A Few Bonuses

There are several additional goodies I've packed into the Meta-Model Mastery Workshop — worthy of mention.

1. Video Training on Attitude

The attitude with which you approach the Meta Circle questions is just as important as the questions themselves. Your attitude adds a slant to the way you communicate. This training ensures you add the right slant and avoid the wrong ones.

2. Video Training on the Chain of Action

The Chain of Action is the cornerstone of any coaching, if you ask me. It's definitely the cornerstone of all the coaching I do. In this bonus training, I go into more depth into the Chain of Action and why it's so critical that you frame coaching and self-improvement around it.

3. Mapping of Classic Meta-Model patterns to the Meta Circle

In this reference document, I show you exactly where in the Meta Circle every single pattern on the classic Meta-Model fits.

4. The Congruency Catalyst

This should probably be a product of its own. In this video training, I walk you through the five questions you can ask yourself or anyone else to ensure you're fully aligned towards any endeavor.

5. Unannounced Bonuses

There are four more surprise bonuses I won't disclose here. One of them is the exact self-empowerment strategy, from the horse's mouth, of one of the world's most successful stand-up comedian.

And more...

You Will Become a Better Communicator

The Meta-Model Mastery Workshop will teach you how to be a better communicator.

You'll learn a strategic, practical skill that's transferrable to any communication you already do professionally, and the way you communicate for years to come.

Communication that won't become "stale" because what you'll learn is not based on canned language patterns or techniques.

The Meta-Model Mastery Workshop isn't about using specific words in a specific sequence. It's not contrived. 

Rather: you'll learn how to communicate deeply and relevantly, in a way that connects emotionally with the people you talk to and ALWAYS positions you as a thoughtful, insightful expert — even though you may know nothing about the topic at hand.

(Experts are those who ask the most probing and insightful questions.)

You'll learn how to move people from frustration to clarity because you'll demonstrate you can understand their problem or obstacle at a much deeper level than they do themselves.

When you do this well, you communicate like a wizard. It's a thing of beauty when you conduct a conversation like that.

You'll learn how to lead people in a way that they have never experienced before.

If this resonates with you, the method I've codified into the Meta Circle will blow your mind. It'll reframe the Meta-Model for you. And, I have no doubt, will change the game for you from this moment forward.

You owe it to yourself, and the people you seek to support, to become a better communicator, and the Meta-Model Mastery Workshop will show you how.

If you have an enrollment question, please reach out.

— Martin


If you’re still on the fence, below is a small sample of (unsolicited) feedback I received from clients.

It would be an honor to display yours after you go through it. Just an idea... {grin}

"I came out with tools I can use"

I participated in the Meta Model Mastery Workshop because I wanted to learn to use the Meta Model with ease.

My biggest breakthrough happened when you said the meta model is all about understanding someone's map/model of the world. It really hit home. I used to be worried about which question to ask for which meta model. Now it's pretty simple, I can always ask another question to get more clarification. I also enjoyed the examples and the practice at the end.

I recommend the Meta Model Workshop. It was simple, clear, and I came out with tools I can use.

Barbara B.

Entrepreneur, USA
"New client sales almost doubling within a month"

I was intrigued by what Martin’s training had to offer me considering my career skills were already quite well developed as a management consultant. I learned that I was utilizing only a fraction of my abilities. Proof of this was reflected in my new client sales almost doubling within a month. Well worth the investment and more!

David W.

Senior Consultant, London - UK
"Martin breaks everything down into DOABLE steps"

Anything that Martin Messier is involved in is where I must and want to be! Martin breaks everything down into DOABLE, ACTIONABLE steps and provides it all in a non-judgmental zone. Priceless.

Beth P.

Real Estate Investor, Boston - USA
"I was finally able to get unstuck"

I had worked with several coaches before to get over my shyness, with mixed levels of results. When Martin offered the program, I jumped on it because I know of his "fast results" policy. I'm not a coach, but I wanted to apply the material to myself.

I was nothing short of amazed by what happened. I just used the first question of the Meta Circle over and over and was able to break through my reluctance to approach ladies. I was finally able to get unstuck.

It's simple and practical. I love it!

Sanjay V.

Programmer, London - UK
"Anybody can learn this very quickly"

I was always a big fan of Tony Robbins and wondered how he was able to pull off these magical interventions so quickly.

I'm not sure that Martin mapped out exactly the framework Tony uses. If it isn't, it has to be darn close. Anybody with half a brain can learn this very quickly and use it to great effect.

James A.

HR Consultant - Chicago - USA
"His teaching style is so natural"

Martin taught me how to speed read in less than three minutes. I'd read at least 5 books trying to learn how to do this. His strategy was so streamlined and his teaching style so natural that I instantly got it. It's been over six years and I still use it every single day.

Justin Finkelstein

Senior VP - Data Analytics, New York - USA
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