Martin Messier

April 10, 2023

Build Self-Esteem With This Effective Protocol

Here's a technique I learned from Danie Beaulieu that's unmatched for dealing with self-esteem issues, mainly for cases of people who have been psychologically battered by others (I mean "battered" in the figurative sense).

Here's how to run the protocol with your client:

  1. Grab some money (I personally love hundred dollar bills).
  2. Show the bill to your client.
  3. Ask: "How much is this worth?" This will interrupt the client's pattern. Your client will say "One hundred dollars."
  4. Then, crumple up the money, spit on it (optional), toss it behind you and then step on it.
  5. Ask your client: "Do you feel like that at times?" and observe your client's reaction.
  6. Pick up the money, open it up with care and attention, and show it to your client once more.
  7. Ask: "How much is this worth now?"
  8. Client will answer: "One hundred dollars."
  9. Hold out the bill in front of your client so (s)he can see it clearly. Future pace by saying: "And anytime you see a hundred dollar bill, no matter what's happened to it, you'll remember that it's still worth the exact same."

This experiential metaphor is incredibly powerful. Allow the client to go through the experience and draw his/her own conclusions without explaining anything.

Do you know anyone who got run over by life and needs a self-esteem boost? Test this pattern and let us know in the comments how it worked out.

  • Hi.
    Just started my NLP practitioner course and was looking for some usefull stuff to read and found this very powerfull and will rembember it to use. Think this is a very clear and strong example. Thanx.

  • Hi

    Am “brand new” to NLP ( got interested thru a friend who cant stop talking about it thankfully lol) & this is the first thing I’m reading.

    My ques is – what if the person sees the 100 bill as worthless how would you work with making one recognise the worth of the $100??

    Thank u

    • Hey Naaz,

      Great question!

      Actually, the $100 bill is just a metaphor for what people generically find valuable. Adapt the pattern by using any other symbol of value for the person in question.

      This brings up the importance of knowing how to skillfully develop and adapt any pattern you need in the moment.

      Keep learning!

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