Martin Messier

October 25, 2023

Why NLP Doesn’t Work

Inevitably, someone will ask me a version of the following question:

"Does NLP really work?"

Asking that question is similar to asking "does Physics really work?"

NLP isn't a toaster. It's a set of models and principles that describe how people's neurology and psychology intersect.

Think of it this way: NLP is analogous to physics. Patterns developed from NLP are analogous to engineering.

Engineers versed in physics create protocols that can be used to build bridges, houses, buildings, etc.

Likewise, people versed in NLP build protocols that can be used in interventions, coaching, leadership, etc.

Learning NLP doesn't mean learning protocols like the Swish and the Compulsion Blowout. Learning NLP means learning the principles that underpin these protocols.

NLP doesn't work. People work.

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