Martin Messier

December 14, 2023

Unraveling words

In leadership, whether it's managing, parenting, coaching, teaching or selling, the highest leverage skill is not speaking, but listening — truly hearing the unspoken through the spoken.

Think of a tapestry, each thread representing a word from the people who have put their trust in us. On the surface, these threads form a picture, a story they believe about themselves. But, as an NLP Practitioner, our task is to gently tug at these threads, unraveling them to reveal the underlying patterns, beliefs, and meanings.

We listen for the pauses, the shifts in tone, the unguarded moments when the essence of their thoughts and feelings briefly surfaces. It's in these subtle cues that the real story unfolds.

As we guide them through this journey of self-discovery, it's essential to remember the power of empathy and patience. Each person's tapestry is unique, woven from their experiences, fears, and dreams. Our role is to provide a space where they can explore and understand these threads, without judgment or haste.

The real growth, for both the leader and the follower, happens in these moments of clarity. When the words align with the emotions and thoughts they mask, transformation occurs. It's a path that requires wisdom, a warm heart, and an unwavering belief in the potential of every individual to rewrite their own narrative.

In essence, to be an effective leader is to be an ardent listener, a compassionate guide, and a patient unraveler of words. It's a journey not just of aiding others in finding their truth, but in continually discovering our own.

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