Martin Messier

October 18, 2023

Tweak Your Action Plan

Some coaching clients come to me with huge plans of what they will accomplish.

It's very impressive.

However, they present one problem: these plans don't move them forward.

Stop for a second and consider your to-do list.

Do you feel psyched about working it? Are you excited about what's before you today?

If not, you need to tweak the plan.

You have to wordsmith it in a way that directly connects and taps into your primal motivation. You also have to structure it following your natural work tendencies.

For instance, if you like to connect with others, your work plan MUST involve that. Otherwise, the work plan will feel like pulling nails.

Do that exercise today. Evaluate your to-do list emotionally.

Does it thrill you?

If not, reformulate it so it does.

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