Martin Messier

October 11, 2023

This Too Shall Pass…

I don't know exactly why this memory came to me today, but I felt compelled to share it with you. As you know if you've been reading me for a while, I seldom write about self-help when it doesn't relate directly to learning and mastering NLP.

This will be one of those posts.

And what it covers is very, very important.

Many spiritual traditions, chiefly the eastern ones, discuss the power of detachment and how it frees us from stress and tension.

All of them teach the "let it go" philosophy, critical to enable us to get through the bad times.

The paradoxical nature of detachment gives us clues on how to resolve apparently inextricable problems.

I'd always heard the expression "This too shall pass..." in many situations. All these situations had one thing in common: they were all bad situations that anyone would naturally want to bring to its end as quickly as possible.

But one day, something weird happened. In the middle of a party, laughing with all my friends, having a complete blast of a time, this little voice popped into my mind that said: "This too shall pass..."

It's easy to think "this too shall pass..." when times are bad. I wouldn't say it's tougher, but it's definitely less obvious to think that when times are great. And yet, those are the only times when you can actually master detachment.

Letting go means letting go. No matter what it is you let go. If you learn how to let go of the good times, you'll have an easy time letting go of the bad times.

Quit chasing anything. Just let it come to you.

Likewise, quit avoiding. Brazilians have an expression that says: "Se correr o bicho pega, se ficar o bicho come." (If you run the beast will catch you, if you stay the beast will eat you.)

Stay still and observe. 

Nothing should happen. Nothing shouldn't happen.

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