Martin Messier

September 27, 2023

Think like an engineer

My daughter has been having a hard time identifying what she would like to pursue as a career (besides pursuing music, which she is naturally talented at).

On one hand, she enjoys studying psychology quite a bit. On the other, she told me she couldn't imagine spending days listening to people complain about their troubles.

After a particularly long conversation in which she was helping me gain perspective on my next career move, I asked her:

"Did you enjoy this conversation?"

She enthusiastically agreed.

I then pointed out to her that the principles used by mechanics to fix cars are also used by engineers to build rockets.

Likewise, NLP can be used by some to help people go from -1 to 0. And it's certainly valuable when applied to that purpose.

Yet, you may enjoy life much more if you use it to help already successful people engineer their path from 10 to 20.

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