Martin Messier

August 28, 2023

The secret NLP “stereogramic” perception framework

Yesterday evening, my son and I were having fun with stereograms.

A stereogram is a type of optical illusion that creates a three-dimensional image from a two-dimensional image. It works by presenting the same image from two slightly different perspectives to each eye, which causes the brain to perceive the image as having depth.

The most common type of stereogram is called a "Magic Eye", which consists of a repeating pattern that appears to be flat, but contains a hidden three-dimensional image. To see the hidden image, you have to focus your eyes in a specific way, such as crossing your eyes or relaxing them while looking through the image, to create the illusion of depth.

OMG! This is sorcery!

You should have seen the two of us cross-eyed after our little fun session. If you've never seen one, Google "stereogram" and switch over to the images tab. You will have a cartload of stereograms to play with for weeks on end.

I love this kind of game because it reminds me of the secret NLP perception framework I use when coaching.

You see, most coaches listen to what their clients are saying. NLP Insiders, on the other hand, listen to HOW their clients are saying.

With practice, you can tune your senses to pick up all the signals of the HOW rather than the meanings of the "what." You sharpen your vision to capture the silent but visual cues. You heighten your audition to catch inflections and tone shifts. You tune your sense of touch to feel movement, even through a Zoom camera.

It works just like the stereogram. While most people look at what's happening at the surface and just see weird shapes in a repeating pattern, a trained person shifts his or her gaze and rapidly sees a 3D image pop out.

Likewise, the NLP Insider sees the "occult of the apparent." The client's obstacle is hidden in plain sight. Once you see it, you can instantly reveal it. 

Best of all, once you train yourself to perceive in this manner, you can never lose the ability. A lesson learned is a skill earned.

And by the way, NLP Modeling is also geared to help you capture the occult of the apparent. Instead of an obstacle, though, you are looking for the pattern that enables. If you know how to look, it will pop out at you while others spend years looking for it, seeing nothing.

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