Martin Messier

August 18, 2023

Shift happens

At the end of our initial coaching call, when I asked what was his main takeaway from the session, P.A. answered:

"I made the best decision in hiring you as a coach."

His words.

While it's great to hear he made the best decision, let me share to you my hallucination as to why he feels that way.

It's because of the coaching framework I've designed and have been operating from for the past ten years.

(It used to be laid out in plain view on, but I felt people took it for granted... so I removed it. From this point forward, it'll only be shared with my inner circle of clients.)

It's stripped from absolutely all the BS, down to the bare essentials needed to help someone move forward. And I've engineered all my NLP horsepower into it, to the point where clients can just have a conversation with me and shift happens naturally.

The reason I bring it up is because you need a framework from which to operate as a coach.

A model behind your model.

A distinctive approach that defines the way you work, one you build yourself based on your experience. One that incorporates your unique view of the world. One perfectly fitted to you, just as Air Jordans were designed to fit Michael's foot or a tennis racket was designed to enable Roger Federer's game.

YOUR framework.

It matters almost even more than the area on which you coach.

It's HOW you coach.

And how distinctly unique it is.

I guarantee you, if you begin incorporating elements of modeling in your coaching approach, no matter in what field you coach, you'll stand out like a raisin in a milk bowl. Nobody coaches using modeling, mostly because they don't know how to.

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