Martin Messier

December 6, 2023

Reviving linguistic zombies

Consider this sentence: "Our goal is the completion of the project."

This sentence, while grammatically sound, is a maze of abstraction. It's packed with nominalizations. Nominalizations are like linguistic zombies, nouns that were once alive with action.

So, let's breathe life back into it!

Get a feel for this: "We will complete the project this Friday."

Suddenly, the sentence pulsates with energy and intention.

By changing our language, we turn still, passive ponds into flowing rivers. We don't just talk about change. We initiate it.

Remember this: words don't merely carry meaning; they architect our reality. We can use words to create a world of action, not abstraction. Embrace verbs, the muscles of language, and watch as goals leap from the page into reality.

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