Martin Messier

March 15, 2023

On The Importance Of Modeling Yourself

Eventually, you’ll run into NLP techniques and patterns that don’t work for you. Apparently, they will always seem to work for everybody else.

The truth is that they don’t work on everyone at all.

They might work on many people.

But not all.

And you happen to be one of them.

The reason for this is that we all process our intake of the world differently. And that’s why the Swish Pattern (among others) might not work in all situations for you.

What should you do when you encounter a pattern that allegedly works for everyone but you?

You need to go back to the most important piece of the self-help puzzle: modeling yourself.

You MUST discover how you operate when you’re at your best. It’s essential. It beats any other excellence pattern you’ll encounter in trainings or on the web.

Incidentally, this dovetails into the work of Joseph Riggio of Mythoself™ and Robert Johanssen of Svensk NLP (who created the Riggio Model). The real question is, how can you tap into your personal best continuously?

Because at your personal best, most of the issues you want to change or improve cease to exist. You’re at your peak state. And at your peak state, you’re unstoppable.

All this to say, don’t think there’s something wrong when some supposedly universal pattern doesn’t perform effectively with you. It’s not you who’s wrong for the pattern. It’s either the pattern that’s wrong for you or is being misused in the situation at hand.

Model yourself and resolve the problem.

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