Martin Messier

September 12, 2023

The number one hurdle that holds coaches back

Hello hello on this most auspicious cold yet very sunny day in Ottawa!

Have you had the chance to watch the new Chris Rock special on Netflix? I haven't yet, but my newsfeed this morning suggest it is SMO-KING — and right in time for the Oscars this weekend.

That whole debacle is a great example of what happens when you're short on resources and creativity to respond to a situation. In some cases, clearly, the brain goes: "Violence! There's the best response!"

Until page 2.

That's where Chris Rock mocks you relentlessly just when you start to think the story might go away.

And speaking of being short on resources...

Coaches often hire me for mentoring because they feel inadequately equipped to help their clients move forward.

This generally happens after they go through a sequence of unproductive sessions, or clients quitting on them before the purpose of their coaching engagement is fulfilled.

(This always leave you with a "what the heck???" feeling...)

Almost invariably, what we discover is that they're only addressing the client at a single level — clarifying outcomes — and then monitoring the client's focus on those outcomes.

Their issue? Their map of the client isn't rich enough. 

There are two other dimensions every coach ABSOLUTELY must keep in check in order to keep the client moving forward. You don't necessarily need to reveal them to your client, but you should always be monitoring them.

(Incidentally, not revealing the map to your client is what allows you to perform feats of coaching magic. Of course, you might reveal certain portions and not others, but that's a conversation for a different time...)

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