Martin Messier

August 15, 2023

The Grinder & Bandler Brothers Band NLP Modeling breakthrough

When the Grinder & Bandler Brothers band set out to model Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir (the beginning of the NLP Magical Mystery Tour), they shattered a strong assumption of the times.

Let's step back in time to take a look at how the adventure started.

Bandler was superbly adept at using Fritz Perls's voice and language pattern to produce the exact same therapeutic effect Perls did — all without having a darn clue as to why it was working.

He was simply reproducing the behavior and got the same effect as Perls did — without the years of study or experience.

That put a stake in the heart of the assumption that you have to understand what you're doing in order to do it.

Herein lies the modeling breakthrough: you don't have to study or understand in order to perform the skill and get the result.

That's why, incidentally, I fully believe it should take no more than two to three weeks to train a non-doctor to perform appendectomies. Performing an appendectomy (pay close attention to my language... I'm not saying "being a surgeon...") is a skill like any other. Based on the little research I've done, more than 95% of them are performed almost identically. This means there's no need to study anatomy or biochemistry, nor do a multi-year residence in order to be able to learn that specific skill. One only needs to know the required bits in order to perform the appendectomy.

Honestly, it's just like drawing blood — given the right proportions, of course. Today, phlebotomists get trained in a weekend. Why wouldn't it be possible to learn to perform appendectomies in three weeks?

Look at the world around you and think in terms of skills rather than knowledge bases or titles.

Tuning an engine vs being a mechanic

Making a product launch presentation vs speaking in public

Writing a sales page for your product vs copywriting

Performing an appendectomy vs doing surgery or being a surgeon

Identifying a disempowering belief vs being a coach

The list goes on.

As you convert these credentials and knowledge fields into specific skills, modeling becomes the prime toolkit to acquire them quickly.

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