Martin Messier

August 11, 2023

A quick lesson in metaprograms

I'm hard at work driving people to unsubscribe from this list — and actively using an NLP variable to do it.

You see, the vast majority of people who subscribe to lists online are thrill-seekers or curious cats who are just looking for yet another way to procrastinate while having the impression that they're making progress.

It just so happens I'm not interested in having any of these fine folks as subscribers. I'll leave them to the internet snagoos who would love nothing more than pull them into their traps.

I'm interested in deep, committed, action-oriented and long-term thinking people who are in the business of mastery. People who, like me, could get their ass kicked in the financial markets for years without quitting.

I call these people Rockys. Their goal isn't to win a fight quickly the first time they step in the ring. It's to remain standing for all 15 rounds — which presupposes they're capable of enduring a lot of pommeling, suffering and frustration on the way to the finish line.

The question then becomes: "How do I drive Curious Cat away while simultaneously inviting my real peeps, my Rockys, to come closer to me?"

What approach would you take?

The one I find the most useful is one I learned from watching — and enjoying — my wife's cooking, and how people react to it.

(Here's an example of catching patterns as they happen. More on that in a future daily email.)

My wife cooks intensely, fiercely, unapologetically. She has a heavy hand on the seasoning, on flavor inflections, on texture.

Naturally, if you ever tasted my wife's food, you would have one of two reactions: you would either love it or hate it.

But one thing is certain: you would not remain indifferent.

I'm applying that approach to my daily emails, using a metaprogram called matching-mismatching.

(You can look it up on Google and get a quick brush-up, in case you need it.)

Every day, I shoot out the beacon of my message. I season it with my personality, my prejudices (boy do I have lots of them!), my worldviews and my values — and every day I crank up the intensity.

Through the matching and mismatching metaprogram, I accomplish my goal.

Curious Cats unsubscribe in droves and I celebrate it!

At the same time, Rockys send me questions and comments. They come closer. They're intrigued and interested. They're in it for the long haul.

I recommend you start leveraging this principle to surround yourself with the friends and clients you really want around in your life.

Play with it and see what happens. You won't regret it.

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