He Figures Out How To Get The Blonde

Do you spend any time whatsoever on Facebook and other social networks?

I do.

At least once a day, I head over to Facebook and have a look at what's going on in people's mind.

I'm usually surprised by what sticks and what spreads.


I don't know about you, but I find it VERY hard to look over all that stuff - most of it nonsense - and not judge what I see.

Probably a lot of or most people think the same way about what I post.

The real magic happens when I suspend judgment. Suspend internal dialogue.

That's when I can perceive patterns emerge in what's being shared.

We can discover the code that's behind all that. The trend. The tendency. The secret sauce.

Just as John Nash figures out how to get the blonde.

Ever watched "A Beautiful Mind?"

Just for a refresher, give the scene another glance. It lasts exactly 3 minutes and 16 seconds:

Did you notice how he goes into trance and the pattern starts to emerge?

John Nash was an NLP master.

Absolute, total clarity.

Full uptime.

And then, boom! It hits him.

Magical. Unbelievable.

Want the secret to being a genius? It's pattern detection.

That's really all that geniuses do.

To do that, of course, you need access to the John Grinder-baptized know-nothing state. Arrived at by, as CastaƱeda would say, stopping the world.

Shutting down internal dialogue.

Do you know how to stop the world? Do you know how to enter full uptime?

Learn the simple way to do it during the Modeling Experience. Apply now!


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