Martin Messier

September 29, 2023

How To Excel At NLP In One Easy Lesson

Really, it's a piece of cake to find information on NLP. There is NLP info ALL OVER the internet.

But it's also easy to get confused by all this information, and also easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to building your skills.

Here's the easy and simple way to become proficient quickly.

  1. Pick one protocol, one pattern, one skill or one model.
  2. Spend the entire day applying that skill, technique or protocol in the real world.
  3. Lather, rinse and repeat. Go back to step one with another technique.

For example, let's take pacing — an ability required to sustain rapport.

Today, as you go out into the world, focus on pacing as much as you can. Pace people's walk, people's speech tempo, people's words, people's rep systems, everything.

Tomorrow, repeat the process with a different skill or pattern.

It's as simple as that to progress.

If you do it.

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