Martin Messier

August 24, 2023

Do your clients need an emotional vasectomy?

Yesterday, I disconnected my satellites from the mothership.

It's been a long time coming, and I finally decided to pull the plug and get it done. The whole ordeal took no more than six minutes and presented zero discomfort. I told my wife last night I'm no longer a factory. Now, I'm an amusement park.

While I lay on the procedure table listening to Elvis Presley's rendition of "Suspicious Minds", staring up at a picture of trees viewed from the ground up (it literally felt like I was laying in the middle of a forest), I thought about how similar this process was to the work I often do with my clients.

Much of my coaching comes down to moving them into focused action. More often than not, when a client comes to me, his or her behavior is being diverted by a steady flow of counter-productive emotions.

OMG! These have to be stopped!

My job as a coach is to perform an emotional vasectomy on them, which cuts off the supply of these emotions to their performance center. Once done, they're able to move forward towards worthwhile objectives without constant diversion.

The key to performing successful emotional vasectomies is a solid understanding of emotional anatomy and how it relates directly to my clients' performance. I follow a general emotional anatomy map I've designed over the years using my NLP toolkit, and fill in the distinctions that each client brings.

The result allows me to design and perform a precise intervention.

Many of your clients probably need a similar emotional vasectomy to overcome some of the challenges they face. 

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