Do you know nothing?

NLP revolves around one activity: modeling.

You knew that, didn't you?

What most NLP students don't know is that modeling NLP-style differs in one specific way.

More about that in a second...

John Grinder has a unique focus in NLP. He's really interested on top performance in a variety of fields. He thrives on that.

In fact, that's pretty much all he cares about.

What annoys him about the field, right now, is that very few people care about that.

The big focus is therapeutic protocols that he modeled with Bandler back in the 1970's.

People find that a big deal.

The big deal, he says, is modeling. That's where we find the juice.

So Grinder is one of the few people who teach the original brand of NLP modeling. Just every once in a while.

He emphasizes that Pracs must learn to enter a know-nothing state.

It's a state in which you experience no internal dialogue. In which you're focused on your senses, in the present. In which you are COM-PLETE-LY available.

If you're familiar with Carlos CastaƱeda, you'll recognize this as "stopping the world."

Bruce Lee used to start off with new students with a specific routine.

He'd take out two cups and fill them with water. Then, he'd put a cup on the lap of the student and say:

"That cup is you. It contains all of your knowledge. This cup is me. It contains all of my knowledge."

At that point, he would take his cup and start pouring his water into the student's cup.

The student would then yell for him to stop!

Bruce looked at him straight in the eye, picked up the student's cup, tossed out the water and put back the cup on his lap.

He then poured the water into it.

There was space available. Nothing left.

Zip. Gone.

All prejudices, out the door.

Clean slate.

That's the state we get you into with the Mental Spa.

That's where the learning begins.

Stopping the world means shutting out internal dialogue and, with it, all your baggage, background and personal history.

CastaƱeda taught it with wisdom.

Grinder picked up on it.

That's the difference that makes the difference in NLP modeling.

When you enter the know-nothing state, you're able to absorb the patterns of excellence that you want to assimilate and code.

It's not just observing and recording what you "think" is happening.

There is no thinking. It's all doing.

NLP modeling is a full-contact sport.

Learn how to play and play full-out.

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