Martin Messier

October 19, 2023

Do you know nothing?

In the original NLP modeling protocol, according to John Grinder, the first step of a modeling session is to enter a know-nothing state.

It's a state in which the Practitioner experiences no internal dialogue. In which (s)he's focused on his or her senses, in the present. In which (s)he is COM-PLETE-LY available.

Carlos Castañeda refers to this state as "stopping the world" in his books.

According to Grinder, that's when the Practitioner is available for true learning.

Entering a know-nothing state, or stopping the world, means shutting out internal dialogue and, with it, all your baggage, background and personal history.

Castañeda taught it with wisdom.

Grinder picked up on it.

That's the difference that makes the difference in NLP modeling versus other forms of cognitive modeling.

It's not about observing and recording what you "think" is happening.

There is no thinking. It's all doing.

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