Do as I do, not as I say


Every expert in the world, especially teachers and public speakers, should have that tattooed on their forehead when they step up to give a speech.

Therapists tried to figure out what Milton Erickson was doing for years before Bandler and Grinder came along.

Milton lectured! Milton taught!

People heard it from the horse’s mouth. But for some reason, they didn’t get it.

That’s the way it goes for most areas.

If you listen to someone talk ABOUT it, you’ll seldom get it.

In fact, it may be downright misleading.

Magicians are aces at this. They talk and talk and talk and you can’t even notice what they’re doing.

Experts do the same thing. They mislead you without meaning to.

How do you get beyond that?

What you need to do is put the cook in the kitchen and watch him in action.

Then, you model his actions.

Otherwise, the cook is going to pump you full of his stories and beliefs as to why he’s able to produce results.

Want to become an outstanding therapist?

Watch a great therapist doing his schtick and model her.

Want to become a great cook?

Become a great cook’s apprentice.

That’s how you build expertise and competence.

So if you want to learn how to tie your shoelaces properly, watch how Terry Moore does it.

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About the author 

Martin Messier

Martin Messier has been practicing NLP for 20 years. He was trained in NLP and Neuroassociative Conditioning by Master Trainer Rex Sikes and Tony Robbins. He holds a BA in Economics and International Studies and a Master's degree in International Political Economy.

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