Martin Messier

December 1, 2023

Detached observation

In NLP, dissociation isn't merely a psychological term; it's a gateway to modeling excellence. Dissociation refers to the ability to step outside ourselves and literally detach from our habituated perspective. This is particularly potent when we're modeling the behavior of outstanding performers.

Imagine modeling a virtuoso pianist. Through dissociation, you're stepping out of your own mental and emotional shoes so you can step into theirs. This detachment allows you to approach their behavior from a clean slate.

In NLP, we often say "the map is not the territory," implying that our perception of reality is not reality itself but merely our interpretation of it. Dissociation means putting that axiom into practice and storing our maps away temporarily in order to be able to pick up another one to deal with the territory differently.

Now, while dissociation helps us to gain a new perspective, it's in re-associating, or stepping back into our experience with this new understanding, that the real magic of transformation occurs. This dance between detachment and reattachment is where profound learning and change happen.

As Practitioners, we harness detachment not simply to understand but to transform and elevate human performance to its pinnacle.

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