Martin Messier

September 1, 2023

The secret behind my daughter’s French mastery

My daughter immigrated to Quebec in 2019.

When she arrived, she had zero command and very little exposure to the French language.

So how did she manage, in less than three years, to make it to the top of her French class, beating even native speakers in her mastery of the language?

Quite simple.

I designed a modeling project for her in 2020. She followed it to the T, and in less than 4 months, she had taken her proficiency from complete beginner to fluent speaker and writer.

Now, she'll debate me on the right and wrong way to say something in French.

As a modeler, I can affirm you with certainty that more than 90% of the language-learning programs out there make it MORE DIFFICULT to learn a foreign language than it should be. By applying rudimentary modeling principles, any foreign language student could accelerate his or her progress.

What would happen if you were a language coach that offered a dramatically different method of learning a foreign language? One that would be more fun, easier, simpler and less stressful to go through? One that made you feel smart and capable rather than frustrated and incapable?

The biggest breakthroughs for our clients often come when we back up from content and help them adopt constructive practices as fast as possible.

And so it goes with a lot of the material inside the upcoming inaugural March edition of NP Insiders. It's not so much focused on stuffing you with loads of content, but on pointing you in new directions so you can inject your creativity, individuality and expertise into your coaching practice and innovate where all your competitors offer stale old sessions. And it includes insights which have been the most powerful and profitable (especially the one I share on page 2) things I've put into practice in my career and in my coaching over the past 23 years.

The Curious Cats who chase new ideas like mice but don't put them into practice might not get much value from it.

The Rockys who grab the bull by the horns and commit to innovating on their practice likely will.

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