Martin Messier

December 13, 2023

Peeking behind the curtain of the absolute

Terms like 'always', 'never', and 'everyone', are seductively simple. They present a world of absolutes, a comfort zone where complexity is smoothed over by broad generalizations. In our day-to-day, we often come across these linguistic shortcuts our minds use in an attempt to categorize and simplify the intricate web of human experience.

As you already know, these simplifications come at a cost.

The allure of these terms lies in their apparent clarity and decisiveness. "Everyone loves a winner," "I never get it right," "You always say that," – these phrases resonate with a sense of certainty and finality. Problem is, they often obscure the truth, which is invariably more nuanced and individualized.

For the attentive NLP Practitioner, universals serve as signposts, indicating areas where deeper exploration and understanding are needed. They are invitations to dive deeper, to ask questions, and to listen attentively.

As you evolve your practice, remember that universals are like a zoomed-out camera lens. It offers a starting point, a broad view, but the real magic happens when you zoom in, exploring the intricate details that make each the experience unique.

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