Martin Messier

September 13, 2023

Curious Cat gets a cold water bucket on his head

(Former) dailyNLP subscriber sent me this beauty in the middle of the night:


Martin, your daily emails are crap. You say I would be getting an NLP tip every day. But all you do is sell your newsletter and most of the time you don't talk about NLP at all.

I'm gone.


Please close the door on your way out, Simba...

Every once in a while, I get an email like this one from a Curious Cat who managed to find his or her way onto my dailyNLP list.

The problem with those people is that they have a bone to pick with the world and think for some reason that I have something to do with that. All they're doing is projecting.

They also believe I care one iota that they hate my daily emails. I do, but not in the sense that they might think. They're a great opportunity to do a dress-down of their short-sightedness for the benefit of my Rockys.

Keyword in that misguided missive: "about"

Mr. Curious Cat accuses me of not talking "about" NLP at all in some of my emails.

Darn straight I don't.

But that's where this little fur ball misses the point.

I might not talk "about" NLP in some of my emails. But I talk NLP in every single one of them. If you're fixated on lingo in order to identify whether there's any NLP content, you'll get blind sighted every time.

As J.C. used to say, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

Yes, pay attention to the words. But open up your eyes to the white space between the lines. Open up your mind to the structure of the text.

Soak it in daily. 

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