Martin Messier

November 22, 2023

Anchoring and emotional memory

Imagine this: a song comes on, and suddenly, you're back at your high school prom, heart racing with the excitement of youth...

This is anchoring at work. Anchors are stimuli that call forth states of mind – emotions, attitudes, and experiences. They can be anything: a song, a touch, even a smell.

Picture a public speaker, nervous before a big speech. By using an anchor — a specific gesture, perhaps a confident fist pump they've associated with feelings of confidence and success — they can instantly summon those empowering emotions.

The world is full of accidental anchors, triggering responses we didn't choose. That song from prom? That smell that takes you back to your grandmother’s kitchen? Both are involuntary anchors.

The beauty of lies in taking control. We can choose our anchors, craft them to summon the states we desire. Empowerment, confidence, calm – all these can be at our fingertips, quite literally, with the right anchor.

NLP anchoring isn’t just a technique. It’s a journey to the heart of our emotional landscape, a tool for navigating life with a bit more grace — and a lot more power.

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