Martin Messier

August 29, 2023

This single anchoring tip can hook your clients to you

Here's a practical and profitable way to use the phenomenon of anchoring I learned from my wife.

Before your truly stole her heart, and for a few years after we got together, my wife was a speech therapist.

One day, while one of her patients was finishing an exercise and we were texting, she told me she had to go because she was going to give him a facial massage to relax his tongue.


I was deeply intrigued by this. Later, when she was home, I asked her to show me how it worked. She obliged and performed a facial massage on me to relax my tongue.

Oh... My... God...

I then asked her if she did this for all of her patients. She said she did.

At that point, I understood why her office was always packed with patients.

It was simple. The instant they thought of her office, they immediately went into "facial massage" state. Best part was, they could justify to anyone going in to get the facial massage because, after all, they were working on their speech impediments.

That's anchoring applied at a masterful level, if you ask me — by someone who has NEVER spent a single minute in an NLP seminar or read one line from Frogs Into Princes.

I just happened to catch the pattern while it was happening.

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