The Meta Model in Action

In his most popular program, NLP lifelong student Martin Messier teaches you his framework for successfully making the Meta Model work for you in practice.

Only $17 for the entire program!

5 Meta Model Training Errors Rectified For You

Please go through Clarity Commander and experience the difference for yourself

Dear NLP Practitioner:

When I decided to create a training program on the Meta Model, I examined what most NLP students complained about when it came it to putting it into action — then set out to correct the training errors that gave rise to those issues.

These issues are caused by flaws in training. I designed training that overcame each of these flaws. This has made the Meta Model accessible to any NLP Practitioner and helps them put it into practice confidently. Dozens of students have already gone through the Meta Model in Action training. It helped them finally put the Meta Model in action. It works.

Five issues resolved

Meta Model in Action helps NLP Practitioners correct the five core issues they face when attempting to use the Meta Model in their everyday life or in their work.

Uncertainty about when to use it

Traditional NLP training leaves students with the impression that they should use the Meta Model only when they are coaching or counseling someone.

Meta Model in Action includes 67 distinct examples with commentary, offering many different scenarios and how to approach them creatively using the Meta Model.

Feeling mechanical and unnatural

Traditional NLP training makes you sound like an FBI interrogator when you use the Meta Model.

Meta Model in Action teaches you the combinations of language and attitude that make it sound completely natural.

Forgetting question categories

Traditional NLP training chunks the Meta Model into 27 patterns. They're impossible to remember.

Meta Model in Action rechunks the Meta Model into only 5 intuitive questions.

Disrupting the flow of conversation

Traditional NLP training teach you to "challenge" the person you're speaking with.

Meta Model in Action helps weave the Meta Model into the natural rhythm of any conversation with finesse in a way that enhances the conversation.

Over-analyzing the person's speech

This is due to traditional NLP training teaching Meta Model "violations" to look out for.

Meta Model in Action shifts the guiding paradigm of the Meta Model so the Practitioner truly interacts with others rather than analyzing what they are saying.

Only $17 for the entire program!

About The Program

1. Introduction

You'll learn the three main reasons you've been having a hard time in learning the Meta Model (the third one might surprise you), and how your brain reacts to these design problems in the model — and the simple solution to make it easy to learn it.

2. The Meta Principle Of Working With Language

In this session, you'll go over the crucial key to understand how to use the Meta Model — offered by one of the VERY FEW NLP trainers I admire and respect (it makes all the difference in your ability to understand and USE the Meta Model)

3. Introducing The Meta Circle

The Meta Circle is an operational framework that underpins all the patterns we will use throughout the training. Once you understand the logic of the Meta Circle, you'll be able to navigate all the patterns of the Meta Model comfortably.


4. Two Ways To Explore The Meta Circle

There are only two possible ways to explore the Meta Circle. Once you know both approaches, you can quickly choose the most effective way to handle any statement your client makes.         

5. The Glue That Binds

This is one of the most valuable sections of the entire program. You will learn how to identify the underpinnings of your client's model. With a single question, you will be able to generate profound changes in them. When you combine it with the other questions you will learn, you amplify its power.

6. Shrink-Wrapping Everything Tightly

You will learn how to fully isolate the factors that cause the problem so you can intervene directly on the cause without wasting a second dealing with distractions or peripheral factors. In addition, you will also discover how people lie to themselves (unwillingly — and sometimes, willingly) and how to reestablish truth and facts in their speech, how to slice and dice generalizations in instants without getting lost along the way, and the unconscious elements that could keep your client stuck during YEARS — and how to open the door quickly so they can escape their own mental traps.


7. Rules Of Inclusion And Exclusion

Every mental model works according to a rule system — a bit like a country. Part of these rules define what can come into a country and what has to stay out. That's what customs are for. Your client's mental customs commands what can enter his or her model of the world and what has to stay out. It's a set of logical rules designed to protect him or her emotionally. When you identify these rules, you will understand beyond the shadow of a doubt why your client makes the decision he or she does.

8. Unpacking Boxes Of Meaning

Sometimes, your client will mention a word that, at face value, seems pretty inoffensive. However, after this session, you will be paying close attention to ensure that this kind of word doesn't pass unchecked. You will track down these words, isolate them, open them up and scrutinize everything that's under the hood. You're going to find out why certain apparently innocuous words could hide emotional bombs underneat them — and how to disarm them, how certain kinds of generalizations can actually be REALLY useful — and how to distinguish them from those that disempower your client, and when to put your microscope on "camouflaged universes" in your client's model of the world.

9. The Sherlock Holmes Touch

Sometimes, you need to go full Sherlock Holmes on your client. In order to make sense of their model, you need a greater level of resolution. In this session, you will learn what you need to ask to get down to the level of specificity that you need in order to move forward in your map-making. We'll cover how eliciting certain details can COMPLETELY transform your understanding of their model, multiple ways to elicit key details from your client, how to ask these questions without sounding weird — otherwise you can sound like a nosy freak

10. Your Attitude Is Part Of The Meta Circle

Attitude impacts your use of the Meta Model. There are five core attitudes that you can use and how they affect the non-verbal part of your communication. Once you understand how these five attitudes affect your communication and the appropriate contexts in which to use them, you can come up with additional attitudes to color your communication. Developing your attitude skills will help you modulate your communication even further, both with coaching clients and other people with whom you interact.

11. Mapping The Classic Meta Model To The Meta Circle

This session will show you how to map the classic Meta Model language patterns to the Meta Circle system. If you already have formal NLP training under your belt, this will help you easily fold what you have already learned into this practical framework. If you haven't gotten formal NLP training, it will help you bridge everything you read in the classic literature into the framework you learn in the Core Training.

12. The Magic Of Language

Each of the questions is a high precision tool by itself. Once you put them together, you have an incredibly powerful toolkit to bring to every interaction with your clients. In this recap of the program, we go over several examples where you see the entire toolkit in action in a coherent, integrated way. You will learn the exact sequence in which to ask the questions — in order of power and impact, different ways of phrasing the exact same question — so you don't sound like a weirdo, and how to deploy the questions and make them work together.

24 years of NLP practice behind the program

I'm a passionate student of NLP.

I invested hundreds of hours of development, and rejected dozens of frameworks, before creating the Meta Model in Action program.

In this training program, I've incorporated the wishes of dozens of NLP students with regards to the Meta Model. Then, I added dozens of examples, the most important ask of all.

I developed 5 new core strengths — substituted 5 traditional training errors with innovative solutions.

You might agree that it's the most effective program to learn to put the Meta Model in action -- or you might not. But in fairness to us both, won't you enroll in the program and find out?

Allow me to prove it

I ask for your consent to prove this to you — to enroll you in this program. I have passionately studied and demystified the Meta Model for myself so I would be able to use it — and now I want the opportunity to do this for you.

I invite you to see it for yourself. I pride myself on making difficult topics easy to understand and complex skills easy to acquire. I have worked hard to do this for the Meta Model.

Enroll in the program. Go through it. If after you have completed it you still feel you cannot use the Meta Model, I will personally work with you until you do.

Will you do me a favor and take a look at the trailer and register to see a sample of the training, so both of us benefit?

Only $17 for the entire program!


Do I need to be a certified NLP Practitioner to enroll?

While you do not need to be a certified NLP Practitioner to enroll, the program is not recommended for those who are barely taking their first steps in NLP. If you are already familiar with the Meta Model and have struggled with knowing how and when to use the patterns, this program is for you.         

I already covered the Meta Model in my Practitioner training. Should I enroll?

If you already feel 100% comfortable in using the Meta Model, you do not need this program. However, if you have already covered the Meta Model in your Practitioner training but do not feel proficient in using it, you will gain a lot from Meta Model in Action.

What's different about this program?

Meta Model in Action corrects the main training mistakes that prevent NLP students from becoming instantly competent at using the Meta Model in personal and professional situations. By organizing the patterns of the Meta Model in an intuitive and easy to remember framework, Meta Model in Action bridges the learning gap left open by most Practitioner training.

How do I know I should enroll?

If you wish to master the Meta Model but have been struggling with it, this program is for you.

What will I be able to do once I complete this program?

Once you complete Meta Model in Action, you will know how to use the Meta Model in any personal or professional setting. You will know exactly what question to ask, and you will be able to deploy questions creatively and even come up with your own questions on the fly.