Weave Your Purpose Into Your Goals

Eliminate self-sabotage • Get motivated • Deliver effortlessly

  • Feel More Control
  • Connect Deeply With Yourself
  • Unleash Your Productivity

Connect Deeper and Feel Alive and Vibrant

Waking up energized and happy doesn't happen by accident. You need to connect with your purpose. This program will help you...

  • Shift the words you use to instantly change what you perceive in the world
  • Use gratitude PRAGMATICALLY (no fluffy feeling and thinking)
  • Empower your relationship with people and things around you (this will cook your noodle for a bit) so you can feel blessed every day, all day long
  • Actively engage your unconscious resources instead of passively trying to benefit from it
  • Activate your courage, and how to use one tool to instantly transform your psychology
  • The ONE tool you will come to rely on to overcome your fear
  • Understand how “void filling” may be sabotaging your efforts — if you’re doing thing, you will NEVER get what you want — and what to do instead
  • Change one word at the beginning of your wishes will increase your sense of strength


As we prepare to move into the New Year, you can feel centered, focused and motivated. The key is to know what your purpose is to weave it into every single one of your goals.

A Masterclass in Purpose, Meaning, Goal Setting and Life Planning

For years, I struggled to set goals. I'm not talking about writing targets with due dates on a piece of paper. I'm talking about meaningful targets that were tied to my deepest emotional roots. After researching through dozens of books and watching even more videos, I developed a simple process through which I run every single one of my goals in order to infuse them with emotion. Now, for the first time, I'm sharing this process with the world.

When you enroll in the Wish Design Workshop, you get the six key processes to drill down to your purpose, ten additional interludes, and the Wish Checklist that you can use over and over to ensure that your goals have purpose behind them.

The six stations will guide you to transform:

  1. Effect Into Cause
  2. Scarcity Into Abundance
  3. Useful Into Meaningful
  4. Separation Into Connection
  5. Relief Into Celebration
  6. Several Into One

The included interludes touch on the following topics:

  • The power of words
  • Resistance
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Giving up
  • From shortcuts to paths
  • Awareness
  • Money

Simply start listening during a nice walk and you'll be more anchored in your truth than ever.

What Do You Get With This Program? Everything You Need To Deeply Connect With Meaning and Fulfillment In Your Life

  • 6 Transformation Stations: You will process your goals through six different transformations to root them in your deepest emotions.
  • 10 Interludes: Between the stations, you will find a short video that covers a topic that complements, introduces, enhances or bridges a session.
  • Multiple Examples: I share several examples of different people's goals as they reformulate them through the stations. 
  • 1-Page Wish Checklist: A super useful shortcut to help you apply Wish Design anytime it's time to set a new goal. This checklist will ensure that your goal is connected to your deepest sense of purpose.
  • Lifetime Access: Enroll once, access for a lifetime!

This Program is Perfect for Anyone Who Is...

  • Leading a team of people
  • Running a business
  • Seeking to balance their life
  • Having a hard time setting goals
  • Feeling burnt out
  • Disillusioned with their daily work
  • Looking for a greater meaning in their life
  • Procrastinating constantly on the execution of their goals


How long can I access the program?

For as long as dailyNLP exists — which will be a long, long time!

Is the program released over time?

No, you get instant access to the full program as soon as you enroll. I recommend you consume and digest it progressively, though. Listen to a session and then go for a walk. If you have a close friend with whom you like to share your intimate thoughts, you may even discuss a particular station with him/her.

Are the sessions long? I don't have a lot of time...

Glad you asked! Not at all! That's one of the key features of the Wish Design Workshop. I give you just the stimulation and food for thought you need. The longest video lasts less than 10 minutes.

What if I have a question about the program?

You can either email me or ask the question in the comments as you go through the program. Whatever you prefer.

Can I get a refund?

As with all dailyNLP programs, I do not offer refunds. If you have any doubt whatsoever that this program is for you, don't buy it.

What's My Investment?


Weave your purpose into your goals



  • 6 Transformation Stations
  • 10 Interludes
  • Multiple Examples
  • 1-Page Wish Checklist
  • Lifetime Access