The Sounds of Silence

CoverFestejosHow was your weekend?

Mine was amazing. My wife had to travel for five days to meet with her band in Rio and discuss the upcoming tour.

(BTW, if you enjoy Brazilian music, give her record a listen. You’ll love it.

I was by myself with my two children.

And I got to experience something I hadn’t in a long time: approaching their presence from silence.

Before I met my wife and got married and had kids, I was very much into meditation, fasting, and extreme forms of spirituality.

In other words, I lived in silence.

My wife and I have complimentary natures. She’s very much connected to the world of form. So our house is usually full of sensory stimuli, sound, smells and tastes.

But this weekend, I zeroed the volume on all that.

Turned off the noise.

Got my kids off TV.

It was unbelievable to feel how presence took over. How we started filling the environment.

I was able to merge with the kids in a new way. Magnificient, might I add.

This changes the premise. It changes the frame. It changes the worldview.

When you become aware of those shifts and you can induce them at will, behold the changes you can help others achieve.

People think that Milton Erickson was just a hypnotist. In fact, he was a master at these high-level interventions.

He gave people tasks that altered their frame. The new frame automatically induced the change they desired.

If you haven’t yet, read Phoenix. It’s an account of those kinds of interventions by Master Erickson. You’ll thank me for it.

Meanwhile, start observing the frame in which you or your clients live.

That’s the bubble. Everything happens inside it.

Change the bubble, change everything.

PS: My wife recorded her album with the who’s who of Brazilian Choro music. It’s very rich lyrically and musically. After listening to it over 100 times, I can still extract new elements from it.

It’s just like organic, nutritious food, except for the ears.

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