Take My Breath Away…


That simple phrase, “Take my breath away,” is enough to summon instant visions of Maverick, Goose, Iceman, planes and motorcycles.

80’s music at its best.

You hear it, you think it. Talk about an anchor.

But there’s something else.

Taking the breath away is the mack daddy of all pattern interrupts.

It means normal processing has stopped. Sometimes, people can shoot straight from a beta state to a theta state in the blink of an eye.

Normally, people say “it took my breath away” to express a reaction to a particular experience.

The Blue Angels perform an outstanding maneuver. It takes your breath away.

That Cirque Du Soleil acrobat gets shot in the air from a russian swing. Takes your breath away.

Time freezes.

It’s a heck of an indicator that something serious is going on.

The simple act of breathing involves muscles from the face to the neck to the chest and the back. A deep breath can move muscles all the way down to the coccyx.

Also, breathing directly affects the chemical composition of the blood.

That’s brain fuel.

If you change the rate of breathing, or the lung cavity area that you breathe into, you change the octane of the brain fuel.

Brain performs differently. Trance ensues. Perception shifts.

It goes without saying that calibrating breath will become one of your priorities when interacting with someone.

Pay attention to breathing patterns.

Where in the chest is the person breathing?

How fast?

Is there sound when (s)he breathes?

Every single pattern is associated with a particular way of accessing representation systems.

Learn how they work.

About the author 

Martin Messier

Martin Messier has been practicing NLP for 20 years. He was trained in NLP and Neuroassociative Conditioning by Master Trainer Rex Sikes and Tony Robbins. He holds a BA in Economics and International Studies and a Master's degree in International Political Economy.

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