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NLP for Performance Series

"The lesson on rapport alone was worth the entire course, let alone everything else you packed in! I look forward to going deeper into modeling after your clear explanation. Thank you very much for this." — James O'Malley

"I'm finally starting to put the pieces together on how I can use NLP on myself." — Nicolas Vendôme

"Your free email NLP course was better than many NLP products I've paid for in the past. This is all starting to make sense." — Elizabeth Petras

"You're the first person I've come across who has illuminated NLP for me. Thank you!" — Bill Bronson

"As a coach, I'm constantly looking for frameworks. Your framework on the three engines that drive performance is quite useful and elegant. It helped me organize a lot of tools and techniques I couldn't quite place before.
Patricia Taylor

Hey, it's Martin...

First of all, welcome to this foundational series called NLP for Performance. The ideas and insights in this series form the basis for everything I do, and I want to share this with you.

I'm going to guide you on a journey through a new paradigm of I view Neurolinguistic Programming and the work I do as a coach to make a difference in my clients' lives, in a world where hype rules.

You're either going to deeply resonate with my version of NLP or at some point you will feel a need to go back to the world of empty promises of instant results.

Either outcome is a certainty.

There will be no in-between reaction.

I hope you choose to stick with me. There's a massive reward for you if you do.

To help you get your bearings, this first email is going to give you a broad overview of what you can expect as I systematically unpack what I call NLP for Performance.

NLP for Performance is a principles-based framework that will give you a new lens to see the role of NLP in your personal and professional life.

A framework that is so effective, it puts in place invisible structures that help you become more motivated, productive and resilient without the need for ra-ra or fantasy.

I have nearly two decades of experience and wisdom in NLP. I'm going to share my highest leverage thinking with you in this series.

NLP: how to increase your performance

A sliver of background…

In their 2017 report, "The Future of Skills: Employment in 2030," Pearson researchers note that cognitive skills, systems thinking, interpersonal skills and active learning, will become ever more important in the professional world. Currently, job skills are becoming outdated in 1 to 5 years. Employees who master those skills will be able to learn and relearn job skills as needs, jobs and careers change over time.

And it’s true — the market changes so rapidly that we constantly have to readapt and learn to integrate those changes into our lives.

Now, you might think: "But Martin, I’m a solopreneur. I’m not at the mercy of anybody’s hiring decisions."

Oh yes, you are.

Your boss is your client. And (s)he certainly expects you to keep up with what’s going on.

In that shifting landscape, NLP rises to shine as a bright star. It’s an effort to integrate Psychology with Cybernetics and Linguistics.

We’ll get to these concepts soon enough.

But at the core of NLP is the acknowledgement that behavior consists, in essence, of a set of streamlined instructions.

In the rest of this email series, we’ll try to break down NLP, and build it up from "first principles," to give you a strong foundation of how to reason about developing your skills.

NLP has also evolved quite a bit…

It’s no longer about therapy as much as a much bigger behavioral framework.

What we have now is a set of mature frameworks to structure NLP.

I had a moment of zen-like bliss when I discovered how this all fits together, but I need a few additional emails to do it justice. Here’s the thing…

NLP is much simpler than you think.

The frameworks and mental models are there, to approach this problem with confidence and clarity. There are clear biological and psychological processes that drive thought, behavior and skill development.

Nowadays, most people can learn NLP in a matter of weeks without ever having to set foot in a seminar room. The world around them is the seminar room.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about these processes.

Today, I just want to close it down by giving you…

The 2 first principles to improve performance as fast as possible…

  1. Our behavior — how effectively we take action — is the biggest predictor of the result we get.People need a dependable, straight-line path to achieve the results they want for their life. You make that happen by designing and refining action… I’ll show you how in a couple of days.
  2. Taking action won’t happen automatically. It comes directly from what state we are in, and we haven’t been trained on managing our state.You don’t just take the right action because you wake up one day and want it to be that way. People who are just getting started on the self-mastery path should probably split their efforts 50/50 between finding the right strategy and managing their state.

In other words:

  • Watch your behavior (because it’s the biggest predictor of your effectiveness/failure)...
  • … and adjust your emotional state accordingly.

That’s an insight I hope you’ll take away from this email!

On a lighter note, thank goodness you’re here!

Different from what you might expect, this stuff is far from being heavy, involved psychological science. I’m very confident I can teach you a lot about NLP in just a simple email series.

In two weeks, you’ll have much more clarity and focus in how you can approach performance engineering. NLP probably still won’t be your hobby quite yet, but it’ll be something you feel confident about.

Here’s an itinerary of what you can expect:

ITINERARY :: what to expect in the next couple of days…

  • Day 1: Welcome to dailyNLP — it’s the article you just read
  • Day 2: The Chain of Action — the "101" of NLP and the Brazilian secret to making it happen
  • Day 3: NLP is not therapy — or: "how to become a bad-ass public speaker and get paid thousands to do it"
  • Day 4: The 3 engines your performance car runs on
  • Day 5: Unleashing your driving force — a.k.a. Brazilian motivation
  • Day 6: State management — English class and beating the winter blues
  • Day 7:  Your #1 opportunity at a competitive advantage — literally, this will be YOUR recipe for success
  • Day 8-14: Don’t worry about it now

In general, my aim is that in 13 days from now, you’ll have a full understanding of how NLP works, to the point where you’re confident (and able) to use it to get past one of your own hurdles.

This series will present you with insights to find, and when you do, everything you see will be different. Everything.

Little tip: read through this series many times. Each time you do, you'll likely find a new insight hiding between two lines that you previously missed because you couldn't see it yet.

Savor it!

Your attention is the only payment I require. There's nothing to buy at the end of this series. My focus is to get you fully grounded in this paradigm of NLP.

The next step is for you to take.

If you want to come on this two-week long journey into what I call NLP for Performance, click the blue button below, then enter your best email address.


See you in your inbox.

Cheering for you,

Martin Messier

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