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You just need to know the 80/20 of how things work.

That way, you can be efficient in how you go about learning.

NLP can help you compress decades into days, build your skills and attain the results you want much faster. It really does work.

All you need to know are just 3 simple things:

NLP is so complicated, I don't know where to start...

There are 2 major issues almost every new NLP student experiences that hinder how fast they can learn.


  1. They mistake NLP for a form of therapy, or
  2. They want to learn a whole bunch of NLP techniques.
NLP 101

This confusion ends today.

Discover how to learn and master NLP by simply following the dailyNLP framework.

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I've heard that modeling is really effective but I don't know how to do it...

Modeling is NLP's silver bullet for building skill.

It's the ultimate meta-skill, if you will.

Just to give you an idea, Tony Robbins understood this at such a level that he built his entire career around it— to the tune of $500 million.

NLP Modeling is not that complicated, once you understand how it differs from other types of modeling.

Learn how NLP Modeling is unique and its 6 master steps so you can leverage it properly.

What books should I read to learn more about NLP?

Pay attention to this simple distinction...

Reading books will not help you learn NLP.

Reading books will help you learn about NLP.

It may seem like an anal distinction, but it's important for you to understand this from the get-go.

NLP Books

These 10 books will help you build your basic knowledge (like terminology) so you can make sense of the field.

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Other awesome resources

Did you love that and want more?

Tony Robbins NLP Lessons You Shouldn't Overlook

Tony Robbins is probably the most successful NLP student in the world.

These 4 key lessons will help you:

1. Focus your attention on what you should learn in NLP, and

2. Get to the results you want much faster.

Tony Robbins

The Joker's Self-Confidence Formula

One of the most striking qualities of the Joker is his ruthless self-confidence.

His self-confidence revolves around a simple Buddhist principle, and it enables him to put his best foot forward continuously to achieve his goals.

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