Planes, Trains and NLP

Boeing and TAM Announce Deal for Four 777-300ERsI’m gearing up for two back-to-back monster weeks.

Tomorrow morning, I was invited to present the story of my chain of cafés at a local university.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m presenting a top-notch leadership development program I developed with my partners to one of the biggest educational groups in the world.

Saturday, keynote at a conference in São Paulo.

Next Monday, opening keynote at a HUGE local conference. 2.000 people in the room. Trying to get another book in print from now ’til then. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The following Saturday, keynote at another educational conference in the South of Brazil. I’m also going to pitch a potential partner on a win-win publishing deal.

Ah, the adventures they promised when I was a kid…

This, in normal circumstances, would make for some killer stress.

But I’m excited. Very excited.

What’s different?

Two things.

First, knowing my purpose. Two, chunking the work effectively.

Purpose provides all the drive you’ll ever need in your life. Sames for your clients.

And remember: purpose manifests itself in internal dialogue as well as feelings. If you’ve got parasitic dialogue preventing you from hearing the voice of purpose, get rid of it!

All this work is part of my destiny. I’ve been expecting this. And likewise, it’s nothing compared to the work that’s about to show up.

This is just training wheels.

Chunking effectively allows me to slice up the job at hand and combine it with similar other tasks to be way more productive than I would by working linearly.

Purpose is the engine that powers me up. Chunking helps me to organize the work so that it’s more manageable for MY brain (you’d probably do it differently than I do).

Stop for a second and imagine how the President of the United States or Prime Minister of Britain can handle the sheer volume of work facing them?

Why don’t they quit? Why did they want that job in the first place?

Purpose explains why. Chunking explains how.

And the fact that they leverage the help of so many others on their team simply amplifies this.

How much work can you take on? How much makes you squeak?

I bet that, with just a few tweaks, you’d be able to handle double the load.

Which tweaks will those be?

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