Not Going Fast Enough

I got a few emails yesterday from readers who haven’t received messages since Friday.

If it also happened to you, you can read Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s messages on the blog. Here are the links:




Now, let’s get going!

Yesterday I held the last Belief Relief training session. It was awesome, and I want to thank all the lucky participants who now have a heck of a tool in their kit.

We had a great time and I look forward to the next training round – definitely not for another few months.

This week has been amazing so far.

Monday, I gave the biggest keynote of my life and sold more books than I ever did before in one sitting.

Tuesday, fantastic meetings in my business. The next phase of our existence is right around the corner.

Yesterday, closed training sessions for Belief Relief. Yes!

Today, I’m getting a breather.

Tomorrow early morning, I’ll be on my way to South Brazil to give another keynote (smaller) about using Social Media in the classroom.


Mario Andretti used to say that if you’re in complete control of the car, you’re not going fast enough.

Now I understand what he means.

There’s something strangely exhilarating about pressing on the accelerator and gearing up.

Life becomes a blur.

I’ve always been outstanding at slowing down. But now, I’m learning how to speed up at a dizzying pace.

Get things started and keep them moving.

And that’s only possible through the power of team.

It’s only possible by being in sync with other people running in the same direction and on the same frequency.

Natural rapport, if you know what I mean.

So I have a dare for you today:

I dare you to look me up on Voxer and start a conversation with me.

I guarantee you I’ll reply. Whether we keep going will be up to you.