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Just 20 Minutes a Day

  • Build Your Skill Stack
  • Train Your Intuition
  • Unleash Your Creativity


- Anthony Robbins, Bestselling Author, Modeler

Systematic skill-building

Leverage a step-by-step process designed to build skills rapidly.

A proven structure

Learn how to develop your competency in a way that works.

An effortless way to learn

Experience the pleasure of learning without having to think.

Dear Friend,

If you've been binging on online courses to build your professional skillset, then this page will show you how to get what you need fast.

Here’s the deal:

I am leading a group of salespeople, solopreneurs, artists, pirates, rebels and other troublemakers through what I call…

“The Modeling Experience”

This page reveals how a measly 20 minutes a day can get almost anybody to build any skill you need in record time by using NLP modeling. It can be used by solopreneurs, coaches, artists and other creative types, and freelancers, too. But it is mainly intended for people committed to their own growth, and is the exact same method I used to build skills like:

  • Public speaking
  • Copywriting
  • Running meetings
  • Selling
  • And many more...

NLP Modeling is so effective that it will enable you to build skills you were previously incapable of learning — no matter how hard you tried.

In fact, listen to Elaine Blidgeon speak of her previous attempts at learning persuasion and copywriting before she enrolled in the modeling workshop...

These skills are traditionally learned in courses or seminars that usually take months.

But, using modeling, I was able to develop these skills sometimes in less than a week...

WITHOUT ever having to attend a course...

WITHOUT having to spend a fortune to travel to a seminar...

and WITHOUT even having to watch hours upon hours of online video programs.

However, before you keep reading, realize this experience isn't cheap.

There’s no money-back guarantee, either.

And, it’s also streamlined. (So if you judge programs by how many hours of video you have to watch to get through it, no need to continue reading… this program is not designed with you in mind.)

What People Are Saying About The MODELING EXPERIENCE


Sales Area Manager









To help you decide if it’s right for you,
here’s a look at what’s part of this experience:

  • The unique step-by-step process NLP co-founder John Grinder used to get in state to model Milton Erickson’s hypnotic patterns. (And, how to use this exact same process to model outstanding public speakers, salespeople and even Grammy-winning artists.)
  • How Tony Robbins used NLP modeling in an unexpected way to propel his career and fame... and how to use his exact approach to build your own reputation. (I used this very same technique to establish myself as an authority when I arrived in Brazil. It got me speaking and consulting gigs at $14,000 a pop.)

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  • A deceptively simple trick you can often apply using free internet resources to learn and then master complex skills. (I used this little-known approach to help my son learn how to draw… and you should see his illustrations today. It’s ridiculously simple and easy, and it can help you build all sorts of skills in your professional and personal life.)
  • A programming “script” that sets up your unconscious mind to hoover up patterns of excellence at accelerated speeds, so you can rapidly deploy them and get results! (I learned this from an obscure, now-defunct NLP forum frequented by only the cream-of-the-crop NLPers close to 20 years ago. And, it’s the backbone of what makes NLP modeling works so reliably.)
  • The 30-second trick (even brand spanking new modelers can use) that makes your new skill sets spontaneously manifest at the right place and time. (This is one of the easiest and most valuable things any modeler can do to improve their competency, almost automatically. Best part? You can literally make this a part of your modeling project in a matter of seconds.)
  • An old school first grade technique that programs your subconscious mind… without you having to think about it! (A few street-smart, “in the know” marketers figured out how to increase their skills using this, decades ago. And, it works as effectively to learn how to play chess and to shoot three-pointers on a basketball court.)
  • The paradoxically slow approach to getting quick results! (This is the mind-blowing method that top-notch athletes like Michael Jordan leverage to experience the proverbial “hockey stick” results.)
  • How a simple activity you have probably performed hundreds of times in your kitchen holds the key to effortless performance. (This is so deceptively simple you will hit yourself for not perceiving it first. One thing is certain: you will start applying it today!)
  • The ingenious trick used by a 1984 blockbuster movie character to teach complex skills. (This is another secret that can potentially shave YEARS off your skill-building schedule.)
  • What your number #1 enemy is when you’re at the beginning of a modeling project and how to put it to rest.

Let’s stop for a second and consider this…

There's one HUGE mistake that the traditional academic system repeatedly does that keeps students in confusion, frustration and incompetence for years.

If you’re like me, this has potentially cost you a great deal in untapped potential. (And those lucky students who avoid this mistake generally do so by sheer luck, not design.)

You know what?

Once you learn how to do this…

You Can Scroll Yourself Back Into Teenage Mode And Pick Up Any New Skill You Need

I’m not exaggerating.

It’s one reason I have been able to self-learn every single skill I have developed in the last 15 years. The irony is, this is probably the most basic “learning 101” thing you can do. Yet, it is so dependable and effective, you have to be careful using it. Why? Because it’s going to make your confidence levels soar and it might lead you to make some ambitious promises. Make sure you deliver on them!

So that’s going to be covered right from the get-go, in the onboarding session.

Listen to what happened to Thomas Truong within three days of onboarding...

Discover How Modeling Will Enhance Your Ability To Build Your Skillset.

Here's a little more of what you can expect during the Modeling Experience:

  • The precise reason why modeling IS NOT COPYING (if it were, you probably wouldn’t need this training, would you?)
  • A simple exercise you can use in public parks (it used to be shopping malls before COVID-19 hit the world) to constantly keep your modeling skills sharp (I used this particular drill with every single member of my service staff at my bakeries to help sharpen their sensory acuity.)

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  • A fun and easy 2-minute exercise you use right before you begin to model. (Try a modeling without doing this first and watch your results drop like a bowling ball from a cliff.)
  • A fantastic tool almost no NLPer knows of that you can use during a modeling project to quiet down your conscious mind. (It’s absolutely necessary, otherwise your conscious mind will beat your modeling project into a pulp.)
  • The truly essential ingredient you must have access to in order to begin a modeling project. (Most beginning modelers often think they need too much of the wrong ingredient and end up delaying the start of their project unnecessarily.)
  • The 8 basic scans to apply when it’s time to code your model (Using this framework will help you rapidly tease out the structure of your model and the essential pieces that make it work.)
  • The deadly modeling "sin" (even certified NLPers succumb to) that can have you waste an inordinate amount of time chasing something that doesn’t matter in the least!

Learning about the modeling sin...

...and how to stay clear from it, is probably the single most important lesson you can learn about building your skills. (As well as boosting your confidence and ability to perform and deliver results.) 

This is the difference between spending your days in the weeds instead of investing your time and energy in what really matters

And it has nothing to do with how much you know about swish patterns, the Meta Model, hypnotic structures, strategies, modal operators, or other NLP techniques. But, it is guaranteed to make you walk through molasses during your project and might even prevent you from actually modeling what you need.

These are the BAD news.

The good news is, if all you do is AVOID committing this modeling sin …

You Will Fly Through The Modeling Project
Like A Rocket!

But don’t worry about committing this modeling sin. By using the approach you learn in the Modeling Experience, you’re almost guaranteed you won’t.

What makes DAILYNLP so different?

When it comes to building skills, many people try to do it through the traditional academic approach: they buy courses. The dailyNLP Modeling Experience helps people leverage NLP's modeling methodology to build skills effortlessly.

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We know how hard it is to build a skill when you don't necessarily have the natural, intuitive talent for it and have helped dozens of professionals build seemingly unnatural skills. When you feel comfortable and confident building new skills, you can tackle challenges at a higher level with less stress, less worry and a lot more confidence.

The dailyNLP Modeling Experience is led by Martin Messier. Martin has been studying and practicing Neurolinguistic Programming for two decades and as such is well-versed in NLP Modeling and guiding others through a modeling project. Without an ounce of sales and marketing DNA in his family, he leveraged modeling to help him develop his own sales and marketing skills and the process resulted in him building a chain of bakery that he led to sales of more than $1 million a year during 12 straight years. Since then, he has gone on to train other people in how to leverage modeling for their own benefit.

The dailyNLP Modeling Experience is not a course. That's why it's called an "Experience." Instead of studying and consuming massive volumes of content, you will instead dive into practical application from day 1. Martin will not teach you. However, you will learn more than you ever could in a traditional course format.

During the 3-month dailyNLP Modeling Experience, you will: 1. Configure your mind to go into accelerated skill development. 2. Immerse yourself in world-class material. 3. Test how much you have absorbed. 4. Analyze your work using powerful, proven scans. 5. Scale your results to the level of your desired success.

Our minds are designed to develop skills through practice, not analysis. If you try to become good at something by studying books and listening to courses, you will become frustrated. Once you adopt an effective modeling framework, you will become an outstanding marketer effortlessly.

Apply to participate in the dailyNLP Modeling Experience today and spend 3 months with Martin Messier. Why? Because you will call it the best thing that ever happened to you in your adult life.

Here's EVEN MORE of what you can expect from the Modeling Experience:

  • Daily simple, direct instructions that even a brain-dead monkey could follow. (I’m serious about this. You don’t have to think. You will know EXACTLY what to do. There’s no ambiguity or choice point whatsoever.)

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  • An approach that guarantees you an emotional win EVERY SINGLE DAY (If you know anything about performance psychology, you know how important reinforcement and dopamine hits are to consistency.)
  • One of the reasons why so many people are scared of selling and suck at it… and how to circumvent that from day 1 (This will change the way you perceive all areas of performance.)
  • The oddball story of how I was able to learn to play James Taylor’s song “Fire and Rain”... and how you will use the same trick to effortlessly evolve your selling abilities.
  • Why relieving “cognitive load” is so critical when you’re learning to sell (This means the difference in difficulty between climbing Mount Everest and sliding down a grease chute.)

And a whole lot more, including:

How to elegantly direct and focus your prospect’s attention… The REAL key to rapport (and it’s not what they teach at NLP seminars)… A cool tool you can use to sharpen your persuasion skills in rapid-fire booster sessions… and even...

A Full-Blown, Extensive
Persuasive Pattern Index!

This is from one of history's most effective and successful persuaders.

The Modeling Experience is a 12-week interactive program divided in five phases:

Phase 1: Onboarding

The first phase is Onboarding. Here, we will set up the modeling project for you to succeed.

RULE: 90% of a modeling project happens at the unconscious level. Because our unconscious isn't prepared to operate optimally for modeling, we must prepare it to do just that.

But before we initiate the set up, I will give you a detailed overview of NLP modeling and the program experience. You will get to ask me any question you have on modeling and NLP in general.

Then, we will move on to set up your unconscious mind for the modeling project.

Before you are officially declared on board, I'll answer all and any remaining questions you may have.

ALL of my students, bar none, feel that the onboarding session alone is worth their investment in the modeling workshop.

Phase 2: Absorption

The second phase kickstarts the actual modeling.

During 9 weeks, you will absorb patterns of excellence from the exemplar.

This phase is incredibly important, and it’s a phase almost nobody knows how to execute.

Every weekday, early morning, you will receive an email with specific instructions.

All you have to do is follow them to the T. Nothing is left to chance or to wonder.

Every week, we will connect live as a group.

I will ask you questions to evaluate which stage of absorption you are at.

You will share how your experience is going and how your thinking, speaking and behavior are evolving.

I answer your questions about how to optimize your experience as you blaze forward.

It took Chris Paradowski only weeks, after he finished the workshop, to secure his first copywriting client.

Here's a portion of his debrief session — after going through the modeling workshop. Listen to what he has to say about the second phase of the workshop.

Phase 3: Evaluation

In phase three, once you have completed the unconscious absorption, you perform an assignment for us to evaluate your absorption and manifestation of patterns.

NOTE: This is not a test!!! It’s more like stepping on a scale to weigh yourself.

Phase 4: Coding

Once you have achieved criterion, you begin phase four: consciously coding the persuasion and sales patterns you have absorbed.

That's not all...

I also send you MY OWN COLLECTION OF PATTERNS based on the exact same modeling project. When you put the two together — mine and yours — you have an unbelievable arsenal of patterns at hand that you can deploy at will.

Of course, it includes a Pattern Index so you can quickly see all the patterns at a glance.

At the end of phase four, you have a massive collection of patterns you have developed based on your modeling work, that you will be able to deploy at will, for any project, for the rest of your life. 

These patterns are YOURS and make absolute sense to YOU — unlike what usually happens when you use someone else's patterns.

Phase 5: Debrief

In phase five, we have a group debriefing session where we go over the entire project together.

Debriefs help you to integrate all the phases into a coherent whole so you can see the entire picture at once.

Before he even finished the modeling workshop, Matthew McCrea had 5Xed his investment in the program.

He says he could have never achieved those results if he had taken his regular approach to skill-building.

Plus, the Modeling Experience also includes...


As I mentioned above, every week, we will connect by video conference for a coaching session. You will share with me what is happening, what you are experiencing, and I will be able to answer your questions live.

Also, you will be able to ask me unlimited questions by email throughout the project.

As soon as you enroll...

You will be redirected to a private page where you will:


Step 1 - Fill out your Modeling Experience Enrollment Questionnaire.


Step 2 - Download your Onboarding Session Kit.


Step 3 - Receive pre-Onboarding instructions.


Step 4 - I will contact you personally to welcome you into the program.

Who Should Participate?

Certified NLP Students

Modeling is the one discipline you have heard about but never learned how to put into practice. dailyNLP's Modeling Experience will fill that gap for you.


When you venture out on your own, you need a quiver full of skills to meet the inevitable demands of life as an entrepreneur. Modeling will help you build those skills at record speed.

Lifelong Learners

If you have heard of NLP but have never studied it formally, this is the best introduction to the field that you could get.

"This is the best course we've ever taken."


What's My Investment?

How many new possibilities and opportunities do you want to open to you? What new projects do want to be able to take on? How much more growth do you want to experience over the next ten years? What skills do you want to finally own?

Plant a seed and you'll get a tree.
You get out of life in proportion to what you invest into it.


Most NLP training programs cost upwards of $3,000 and don't offer nearly close to the support and attention this one does. The Modeling Experience is available at a terrific price.

Save big while adding to your skillset.

  • Team onboarding session (worth $150)
  • Personalized onboarding kit (worth $99)
  • Mind conditioning drills (worth $200)
  • 45 daily modeling sessions (worth $900)
  • 12 weekly campfire sessions (worth $1,800)
  • 45 modeling samples (worth $200)
  • 18 modeling scans (worth $500)
  • Unlimited email support


  • Access to the Modeling Experience Portal and the Pattern Index (worth $500)
  • Video recording of your onboarding session (worth $99)
  • Video recordings of 12 campfire sessions (worth $900)
  • Audio recording guide to the modeling state (worth $200)


Enroll today for just:


(payment plan available at checkout)


Enroll in the dailyNLP Elite Modeling Experience and get access to the Modeling Experience Portal. It includes powerful resources like the Pattern Index to continue your modeling once the Modeling Experience has finished! This library is considered almost as valuable as the Experience itself to all of my students. It's all yours as an added bonus for enrolling at the Elite level.

A quick tour of the Pattern Index...