Meta Model Mastery


Now, let's get you into the program...

Dear Friend,

Welcome to Meta Model Mastery and congratulations on your commitment to take your leadership and coaching to the next level. As you begin this program, you are taking important steps towards transforming your ability to help other move past their challenges towards their goals. I am excited to share this system with you because it has changed not only my own ability to coach my clients, but also my capacity to model.

Close to two decades ago, I began my journey in NLP and the main thread consisted in decoding and comprehending the Meta Model. Since then, the question I have attempted to answer is how can we make this more accessible and easier to learn? Our NLP skills — especially in modeling — starts at that fundamental level. The Meta Model is "meta" for a reason: it unleashes the power of every other framework, model, protocol and pattern we learn.

I have designed the core of the training program into 4 parts to make it simple for you to use. The first introduces you to the concept of the Meta Circle — the model I devised to apply the Meta Model practically. The second part presents the three questions you have to ask yourself about the structure of your client's model. The third shows you the two simple questions to handle the content of the model. And finally, we recap everything in part four.

I believe that there is immense value in each of the program sections. Of course, I will be there along the way to answer any question you may have on how to use the Meta Model.

My system should have already sent your login credentials to the email inbox you used to enroll in this program. If it doesn't show up, be sure to check your SPAM folder where it may have gone inadvertently. If you still haven't received your login credentials after 20 minutes, please contact me so I can ensure you are set up.

Enjoy this program, but more importantly, use it! In order to attain the level of competence that you desire and deserve, you must weave the information in these videos into the fabric of your life. Remember, the Meta Model is the cornerstone of NLP.

Congratulations once again on making the commitment to take action, and to becoming a more effective agent of change. Utilizing the principles of the Meta Circle, you too can act powerfully to help your clients move forward in their life.

Go beyond!

Cheering for you,

Martin Messier
Head Coach