A Conversation With Marijn Tulp

Marijn Tulp works as a Quality Manager in the Netherlands. He recently participated in an introductory NLP program and, to continue learning more, subscribed to dailyNLP.

A few weeks ago, he reached out to me to share his brand new NLP blog. As I went through his first entries, I instantly noticed that he's cut from the same cloth I am when it comes to learning and practicing NLP.


You can visit his blog, NLP In Practice, at https://nlpinpractice.home.blog/blog/

I invited him for a conversation about NLP, his first steps in the field and his roadmap to deepen his learning. We also touched on how your personal metaphors and models impact common activities, such as goal-setting. You will find Marijn's goal drawing under the video.

Marijn says:

I hope people learn from my experiences and will be motivated to apply NLP techniques as well. The more people share with each other, the more we learn from one another.

It's practical and refreshing! I hope you enjoy Marijn's insights as much as I did.

Here is Marijn's drawing of his goal-setting...