Gaining an Unfair Advantage in Sales with NLP

Ten years ago, I gave a shot to selling time share or, as they now call it, vacation ownership (talk about a reframe). This was my first sales job ever. And as you might guess, I sucked at it. And I quit.

The problem was, I had no training whatsoever. Not in sales. Let alone in NLP.

It pissed me off to see clients get up and leave and not buy. It frustrated me to have to go in to work every day not knowing why I was there or what I was to expect. It annoyed me to watch some of the other salespeople in the organization striking the bell and announcing a sale when I believed I was working my tail off for nothing.

Two years later, I participated in my first NLP training and discovered that a whole world of communication existed where I had never seen anything. More importantly, that what you couldn’t actually “see” in the communication was more important than what was apparent.

And my life was transformed.

NLP taught me to accurately interpret verbal and non-verbal communication patterns that happen right in my face at all times during my interaction with clients. The problem was, at first, I couldn’t make sense of all the patterns that were part of NLP.

I’m sure you feel that way as well. But don’t worry. Stick with me and I’ll help you get through the clutter much faster than I did, sitting through hours upon hours trying to integrate all the pieces of the puzzle.

What I want you to have is the unfair advantage that NLP gives you.

Not in the sense that you’ll be sneaky and unethical using these skills. That’s what a lot of trainers portray persuasion to be. That’s not what I’m about.

I mean this in the sense that you’ll know rapidly where and with which clients your time is worth spending. And that way, you’ll never be strapped for closing a deal. Because you’ll have a full pipeline of clients to work with at any given time. And you’ll have the communication skills to elegantly direct your hottest prospect to the closing line in a way that benefits them tremendously, while adding to your bottom line.

Sounds exciting? It is. And that’s what this blog is all about. Each day, I’ll be unraveling the NLP package that will turn your selling life into a breeze.

The real question to ask yourself now is “How easily can I absorb this material?