"I struggle with my emotions daily. How do I get control?"

Most likely, you're one simple step away from getting full control over your emotions.

(And it's probably NOT complicated, difficult or painful to do.)

Hi. Martin Messier here.

Like most economists, I'm a pretty left-brained guy (I'm right-handed, of course). After I got my Master's degree, I mapped out my path to success step-by-step and started executing. Everything went hunky dory.

And then...

The girl I thought I was going to marry kicked me to the curb.

Emotionally, I was slaughtered.

I spent weeks trying to recover. I tried everything — going to church, playing music, journaling, going out drinking with friends. Nothing worked. I came THIS close to getting fired from my job.

I got really discouraged. Would I spend the rest of my days as an emotional basket case?

I was afraid there was something wrong with me.

Then I figured it out, and this happened:

And this:

Martin Messier — Public Speaking

As soon as I understood the problem, things got better INSTANTLY.

And the problem wasn't with me.

Just like the problem probably isn't with YOU, either.

In less than three years, I went on to build a chain of bakeries, marry the girl of my dreams, have children and feeling in complete control of my emotions.

Notice how I didn't say that I went on to become happy...

It was even better than that. I went on to become emotionally resilient and capable of stomaching the ups and downs that inevitably happen when you decide to take on meaningful challenges.

It wasn't too hard, honestly. (No, I'm not some kind of genius. Trust me - Joe Average here:).

Sort of by accident, I started helping other people do the same thing.

Now, hundreds of left-brained people are taking control of their emotions and becoming resilient.

You don't need to do "therapy" or "counseling" if you don't want to. 

"Thank you so much! I didn't know I could do this. I am so grateful."

Art K.


"Brilliant... Absolutely brilliant..."

James F.


"I'm so glad I found this."

Regina U.

Finance Analyst​​

"This is very, very powerful."

Jeffrey M.


"Thanks for helping me recover..."

Maria I.


You're probably just one step away from getting control.

Learn what it is.