If You’re Serious About Building A Solid Coaching Practice…

If you are already a professional coach, or if you’d like to be one, you will find this post very exciting.

On the other hand, if you want to be a coach… but… you don’t really have the necessary skills… it can save you thousands of dollars and a great deal of frustration and disappointment.

Listen: when most people think of coaches — at least what you might call “mainstream coaches” — they are referring to what’s commonly known as life coaches.

Truth is, there are only a handful of top life coaches in the entire world.

These distinguished men and women live very exciting lives and often make millions of dollars a year.

Sometimes, they go on to also become prominent authors and speakers and sometimes, they also end up building massive companies and become FABULOUSLY rich and successful.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A TOP Life Coach?


Probably not.

Statistically speaking, only about one out of every 16 million people are at that level.

To give you an idea, this is what it looks like...

The ICF and PWC estimate that there are around 47,500 coaches around the world per their research in 2012. There are likely more in 2019.

Here's what it takes to be one of them:

  • You have to help your clients raise their standards. This may seem pretty simple, but the truth is that most coaches don’t even hold themselves to high standards. This short-circuits their congruence when working with clients.
  • You have to be able to help them follow an effective and proven strategy to attain the results they want. Sadly, many well-trained coaches allow their clients to explore unproven strategies, delaying massively the time it takes for them to achieve results. Other coaches with fewer training hours and certifications under their belt run their clients through proven strategies. And guess what? These clients attain incredible results in a much shorter period of time.
  • OK, let's say you've got these two. Is there anything else you need? You bet there is, and it's the one that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. You have to be able to...

Help Them Get Past What’s Stopping Them

You see, during every session, you have to motivate your clients to move past their limitations — once they have set their outcome, that's essentially WHY THEY ARE PAYING YOU. This means you need to be equipped with tools to make that happen consistently.

Many coaches feel incredibly competent when it comes to helping their clients set a goal and build a plan to attain it. But, the instant that client hits a wall, these same coaches START SWEATING BULLETS because they don’t have a turn-key way to help their clients get past it.

The difference between a top coach earning multiple six or seven figures per year and another who earns much less isn’t a matter of certification. What’s more often true is, a top coach is able to get clients past their obstacles on the fly and keep them moving forward.

Here’s an odd fact: did you know that guys like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Michael Bolduc aren’t even certified as coaches? It’s true. Did you know that two of them don’t even have a university degree?

Michael: No certification

Brian: No certification

Tony: No certification

(Hmmmm, seems like wearing a really nice suit is a must...)

So why are Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and Michael Bolduc among the highest paid coaches in the world? It’s quite simple: you see, when clients can count on their coach to move them to the results they want, the coach’s phone begins to ring and...

Word Travels Fast That They Deliver!

Top coaches know it's not enough to have certificates and log hours upon hours of training. They know you must also have skill.

Let's face it: what good is it to have a certification if you get nervous when it’s time to deliver?

But don’t worry, there is now a turn-key way for a coach (or potential coach) to help their clients overcome disempowering beliefs in ONE SESSION… and… you will learn more about it in a few minutes. Before we get to that, there is one more thing you ought to know...

You Do Not Have To Be Certified to Be A Successful Coach

Too many people are obsessed with getting certified as a rite of passage before they believe they can be effective coaches to others.

Notice that I said “certified,” not “trained.” Solid training — and I mean solid — will ALWAYS increase your skill level, no matter whether it involves a certification or not.

Many new coaches just hide their insecurity of approaching clients to offer help behind a certification. They use their certificate as a credibility piece to vouch for their skill level.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that it is NOT A REQUIREMENT. If you’re very good at what you do, your potential clients will feel it instantly when you discuss what you can do for them.

If you’re not certified, but you have skills and you feel confident about them, you WILL deliver results.

Here's a true story which proves this:

Once upon a time, a lady named Ashley Stahl found herself in a dead-end admin job working for CEOs. After hating it for a while, she decided to become a counterterrorism expert for the the Department of Defense. She thought it was what she wanted, but quickly discovered that it wasn’t.

To find a new gig, she started networking with friends. In so doing, she realized that most of them were also unhappy at work. She started making suggestions about what they could do, and many of them successfully made transitions in their lives.

That’s when she knew she wanted to be a coach. So she started attending training programs with other coaches. 

Here's the kicker: everyone started telling her she needed to get certified as a coach. It seemed everyone had a certification, so she felt pressured to get one as well.

After researching her options, she figured that NONE were worth her time. She started building her own practice on her own terms and invested in training to build her skillset and to become more effective at sales and marketing.

Guess what?

She’s a Wildly Successful Coach!

Hard skills work where soft paper certifications don’t.

It’s as simple as that. However, there is a strategy to build the skillset. It has to be presented in the proper format. You can’t just read about it. You have to see it in action, experience it for yourself and internalize it so you can feel the necessary confidence to move forward.

If they don't follow this approach, coaches believe they're building skills but keep running on a treadmill.

And I'm certain you don't want THAT to be you.

Now, here’s a fact that’s somewhat sad: there are thousands of coaches all over the United States (in fact, all over the world) who could deliver superior results to their clients if only…

They Knew How to Help Their Clients Get Out Of Their Own Way

The obstacle that prevents someone from moving forward ALWAYS comes down to a disempowering belief.

You see, few coaches are able to get clients past their limiting beliefs as they should.


First, most coaches simply don’t understand in their bones how incredibly transformative changing a belief can be.

Secondly, they don’t know how to identify the root disempowering belief, how to frame it as a problem that can be solved, how to shake it loose and how to replace it.

It’s a mystery to them.

So, they dabble.

Some of these coaches have tried to use NLP protocols that would supposedly work but, when it comes to helping a client overcome a limiting belief rapidly to they can MOVE FORWARD...

Most Coaches Don't Have A Clue How To Do It!

That’s pretty odd, isn’t it? We got thousands of coaches (or potential coaches) who would like to help their clients at a higher level, hundreds of thousands of clients who desperately need to move past their limiting beliefs… and… there is no turn-key protocol to ensure that it happens, every single time.

There is now a solution to this problem. But first, let’s talk about what you, as a coach, should never do:

1. Don't Waste Your Money Going to formal NLP trainings to learn how to do this

If you’re a coach, your clients want results — not therapy.

This is REALLY IMPORTANT. If you're doing therapy with your clients, you're not a coach. You're a therapist.

Most NLP schools in the world teach the initial therapeutic models that Bandler and Grinder produced. These are very effective, provided you apply them in the context of therapy. My experience working with NLP students for the past 12 years has taught me that most come out of these training, even at Master Practitioner and even Trainer levels, without knowing how to work with beliefs properly.

Think I’m kidding? Here's a comment from my client Javi N., who has forgotten more NLP than most will ever learn.

Martin is being very humble. Very few NLP people know how to really work with beliefs.

Javi N.

I’m not saying that NLP trainings are not valuable. They are. However, if you want this particular skill, it’s unlikely you will find it there.

2. Don't Waste Your Time Reading Books Thinking You Will Learn This In There!

Many students believe that they will be able to build their skillset by reading a book.

How do I know this? For over 10 years, the most visited page at dailyNLP presents the top 10 NLP books I recommend.

There’s just one thing wrong: effective belief change involves physiological shifts and intonation work. Books cannot deliver this methodology to you.

3. Don't Waste Your Time and Money Dealing with "Fake" Internet NLP Specialists! 

Fake internet NLP specialists advertise by saying that you will become rich, famous, thin and happy overnight.

Whatever the promise is, the message is just about always the same: you will achieve greatness without putting in any effort.

You’re going to waste your time and your money, and you’ll leave empty-handed. NLP is a discipline just like any other. You will reap its rewards by applying yourself diligently — and receiving proper guidance.

Anything that tells you the opposite is shallow BS. A total scam.

Now that you know what not to do...

What should you do if you want to learn how to handle disempowering beliefs? The answer is simple: open your contact list on your phone and call a friend of yours who procrastinated about something for a long time and then took action.

Modeling is the go-to approach I generally recommend to all my clients.

Schedule a coffee, tea or beer with him or her and ask...

"What Made You Change Your Mind And Go For It?"

(S)He will most likely tell you “You know, I got fed up after months of spinning my wheels and decided to go for it because there was no other way out.”

If you’re lucky, you will have a friend who knows exactly how to get out of their own head when they get stuck and they will give you the step-by-step to solve it.

When they describe it to you, write down all the steps in the right order so you can then test the protocol with your clients.

Why You Should Not Worry If You Don’t Have A Friend That You Can Model 

Look: most people only make changes in their life when they are absolutely forced to do it. It’s the most normal thing in the world. No one taught ANY OF US in school how to overcome our limiting beliefs — although schools SHOULD teach it, since every single one of us NEEDS it at several points in our life.

If you do have a friend that can teach you, you’re blessed. You wouldn’t believe how valuable that is.

If you don’t, no worries.


Here Is the Best News of All! 

As you might know, subscribers of dailyNLP stay on for years to tap into a single obsession: how to compress decades into days and how to deliver them in an hour what it takes most other trainers days, weeks or two hundred pages.

Now pay attention to this: I just recorded a masterclass called Action-Based Belief Change. The session lasted for just ONE hour because my attendees hardly had any questions at the end — that’s how easily they caught on to the training!

Action-Based Belief Change teaches a turn-key protocol to change beliefs INSTANTLY. No matter what’s stopping your clients from moving forward, I show you:

  • The ONE factor that is causing them to procrastinate, delay action or lie to themselves about why they’re not doing what they KNOW they have to do;
  • The TWO specific questions to ask to identify and peg the disempowering belief that’s stopping them (you have to ask them in the right order, otherwise it doesn’t work);
  • How a simple gesture (they probably did this A LOT when they were kids) allows you to loosen up even their most crusty beliefs;
  • The way to use intonation skillfully to substitute out their disempowering belief;
  • The EXACT moment to leverage a curse word to make the shift happen (most of my clients are really surprised at first when they learn this);
  • What you need to visualize to make sure the change sticks.

ABBC is the protocol I have used for over a decade to help my own clients of every age group you can imagine overcome the beliefs that are keeping them at standstill.

After you go through the one-hour session — during which you’ll hear and watch me interact with live participants — you will know exactly what to do to get someone unstuck instantly.

You Won't Believe How Simple The Protocol Is! 

Just like the people who participated live, you will be able to apply the protocol immediately after watching the training session.

Check out what some of them said:

I had a client yesterday who had the problem of not taking action — this is perfect to help her. Thank you!

Matt G. F.

My biggest breakthrough was the physiological shift in physiology during the belief change, and identifying the CUE!!!

Ashley P.

This is amazing! Thank you!


Of course, I couldn’t leave out Beth P. comment as I demonstrated the physiological shift:

That. Was. Priceless.

Beth P.

Participants came from all backgrounds. Some are certified NLP trainers. Some have no NLP experience and have just come onboard at dailyNLP.

No matter what your level of experience, the protocol will work for you just as it worked for them.

It’s just like flipping on a switch. You don’t need to know electrical engineering for the lights to come on.

How much?

You can get your hands on Action-Based Belief Change for $79.

It's a giveaway.

It's way, way less than you would have to spend on most trainings.

Second, it will also waste NONE of your time. There's no crud. Just what you need.

Third, whereas other protocols leave you hanging, this one works.

In fact, why don't you start watching right now?

This is what Action-Based Belief Change is all about.

If You Already Know This Is For You, There’s Only One More Thing...

Other than the obvious ethical concerns, I have only ONE qualification that I want my students to have. I don’t care if you have experience or not… but… what I do care about is that you are NOT a curious dabbler.

If you’re just curious to know more, Action-Based Belief Change is not for you. There’s plenty of material around the web to feed your curiosity.

If you're not sure that this is for you, don't buy it. If you're just curious to find out what it's all about, don't buy it. If you think you might not like it, don't buy it. There are no returns and no refunds, as with all my offers. 

If you have trouble with applying the protocol, reach out and I will support you. All my students and clients know that I'm fully committed to their growth and success, and it will be the same for you.

Let’s face it: the people who will really take advantage of this are the ones who are clear that their life is about helping others move forward. To do that, they know they have to be able to move forward themselves. You see, what I want is to equip those who will become…

The Top Coaches of the Future 

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