A complete account of modern NLP, emotional mastery, selling and performance development

Learn how to

  • Take control of your emotions rapidly and effectively
  • Set up the 3 engines that power your performance
  • Leverage the power of rapport to influence others
  • Build skills rapidly with the power of NLP modeling
  • Way, way more...

Martin's NLP course helped me understand where each piece of the puzzle fits. As an entrepreneur, this is the kind of organized, actionable material that I need to help me be more productive in my business.

Julie Dent

Super happy to have been chosen to be among the first to test-drive the dailyNLP course! Incredibly helpful! It's clear that you didn't spare any effort in putting this together. It's better than many paid courses out there.

Steven Rose

The lesson on rapport alone was worth the entire course, let alone everything else you packed in! I look forward to going deeper into modeling after your clear explanation. Thank you very much for this.

James O'Malley

As a coach, I'm constantly looking for frameworks. Your framework on the three engines that drive performance is quite useful and elegant. It helped me organize a lot of tools and techniques I couldn't quite place before.

Patricia Taylor

14 step-by-step lessons on modern NLP:



From the age of changework to the era of performance.


The Chain of Action

The model that your entire life, feelings and results revolves around.


NLP is not therapy

Most NLP students are misled about what NLP is. The real magic lies somewhere else.


Key engines

People keep looking for hacks when it comes to improve their performance. This is what works.



If you're having trouble keeping up your motivation, you probably keep it mental. Do this instead.


State management

By far the most important skill for you to master.


Skill stacks

People think they have to be the best. They don't. There's another game in town and it's way easier to play.


Week 2

The second week will dive deeper into the dynamics of productivity and influence.

Want to learn about NLP?

Martin Messier

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