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The key is practice

Bruce Lee Training

Bruce Lee knew it best. We must learn it from him.

What is the defining factor that will enable you to master NLP without going to trainings?


Mastery of NLP revolves around mastering certain critical skills, so practice is the ultimate separator between the average and the great. Using the right skills at the right time will determine not only the results you're able to produce, but also HOW WELL you're able to influence others to perform at a higher level.

Don't get me wrong. You may choose to participate in a training or purchase a special or targeted training program online, but it will not be the defining factor in the development of your skill.

Your practice will.

Now that NLP has become the most advanced field for modeling and influencing behavior, it's your commitment to practice that will set you apart for success and mastery. dailyNLP is all about helping you:

  • master the modeling methodology so you unleash the learning power of your unconscious
  • learn the code used to annotate modeled skillsets
  • practice the fundamental skillset

All you need to do is practice deliberately.

The Art and Science of Modeling

Modeling is all about creating a map that can take you to the promised land.

That promised land could be wiping out a phobia in 15 minutes, earning a million dollars, learning to play the piano like Elton John, or dribbling like Ronaldinho.

In other words, modeling consists in figuring out how to produce superior results by following the clues left by others.

We all use modeling techniques each and every day, whether consciously or not. At home, at work, at the movies, in the street, we try to emulate the behavior of people who are able to do what we want to do.

Now it's time to learn how to do it accurately.

That's what dailyNLP is all about.

Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming: A Perfect Match

Serious coaching and NLP go hand in hand -- they both offer a systematic, solidly grounded epistemological approach designed to help others increase their results. In a marketplace of pop psychology, NLP allows you to track, measure and design breakthroughs that increase performance.

It's not about becoming a therapist.

It's also not about manipulating others or using other unethical approaches.

And it's absolutely not about a silver bullet that will instantly solve all your life or your client's problems.

If you ever come across anyone who defines NLP as such or makes this kind of promise, do yourself a favor and run.

Like everything that has worth in this life, mastering NLP takes work.

Plenty of it.

The rewards make all that work worth it.

Telling you this doesn't do the experience justice. It's like trying to describe the smell of a rose to someone who has never smelled one.

After 20 years studying, practicing and researching NLP, I can tell you without hesitation that it's a gift that keeps on giving.

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